The FINANCIAL -- Winston Churchill took the view that there is "No such thing as public opinion. There is only published opinion".  Many world leaders would agree with Mr. Churchill’s opinion, since according to the Gallup International Association’s End of Year Survey, in 2018 the favorability ratings of all major world leaders have dropped significantly compared to 2017. Nevertheless, this column aims to shape public view, and provide a  published opinion, to show our readers what the world thinks about different global actors.

The first and longest-running global “End of the Year” poll is conducted by Gallup International Association (GIA), which this year reported that  optimism for a better 2019 is increasing for a majority in Africa, India, non-EU Europe, the USA and in Latin America. Conversely, we also see more pessimism about the year ahead in the Middle East, Russia, and to an extent in Western Europe.

According to the first and oldest Global Hope “End of the Year” Index produced by the Gallup International Association (GIA), 28% of the world expects the next 12 month to be more peaceful while 34% believe it will be more troubled.  Moreover, Georgians are among the top 10 countries that have positive confidence in peace, with 43% of surveyed respondents in Georgia stating that that 2019 will be a more peaceful year for the world.

The vast majority of Georgians (over 80%) have favorable attitudes towards the President of France, Emmanuel Macron. According to unofficial information, Monsieur President will be attending the inauguration of President-elect Salome Zurabishvili. Therefore, and regardless if he arrives or not, I decided to write in this column small analysis of Georgian citizens’ attitudes towards him.

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