The FINANCIAL -- By 2050, the world will need to feed more than nine billion people, requiring nearly 70 percent more food than we consume today.1 Moreover, an expanding global middle class will demand more meat and other protein-rich foods, while extreme weather could slash yields in important agricultural regions.

The FINANCIAL -- Tax evasion in modern Georgia is as old as the practice of collecting taxes itself. They emerged simultaneously in both criminal code and in the minds of regular citizens less than 25 years ago, when we, together with 14 other contingent republics of the Soviet Union gave up building communism and embraced the market economy. However, the opposite is true when it comes to accepting or giving bribes – they are as old as a human kind.

The FINANCIAL -- The latest data and analytics buzz comes from the field of advanced HR analytics, where the application of new techniques and new thinking to talent management is becoming more mainstream, according to McKinsey.

The FINANCIAL -- The guiding principle of business value creation is a refreshingly simple construct: companies that grow and earn a return on capital that exceeds their cost of capital create value.

The FINANCIAL -- Back in October 2014, soon after the introduction of new visa regulations by the Georgian government, I visited Seoul, the capital of South Korea. An unpleasant surprise awaited me on the way back home at the Seoul airport. The young stewardess checked my (Israeli) passport and informed me that,according to the system, I will not be allowed to boardthe flight (to Istanbul) unless I show a Georgian residence card or buy a return ticket. 

In this column I focus on the Soviet Union’s legacy and on people’s attitudes towards democratic political systems compared to centralized, authoritarian political systems in which leaders are unhindered by parliaments or elections. I have used the findings of the World Values Survey (WVS), which has been conducting annual polls in the post Soviet territory since 1995.

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