Georgian and Western officials reacted with serious concern to statements of now sacked Georgian Defence Minister Irakli Alasania, who last week claimed a series of arrests in his ministry over alleged corruption were “obviously politically motivated” and represented an “attack on Georgia’s Euro Atlantic orientation.”

The FINANCIAL -- After consistent increases in two previous months, the average cost of cooking one standard Imeretian khachapuri stayed at 3.35 GEL in October 2014, unexpectedly bringing the Khachapuri Index to a halt. The Index dropped 0.1 % month-on-month (compared to September 2014) and year-on-year (compared to October 2013). 

When it comes to political matters, we Georgians talk a lot, especially among friends or relatives. We are a bit more interested in local issues compared to what is going on internationally. While the majority of us is concerned and talk about domestic or international politics, interests differ among the population.

The FINANCIAL -- According to CRRC Barometer surveys and other opinion polls, police has been until quite recently one the most respected institutions in the Georgian society. With 88% of the population holding a favorable view of its performance, police came second after church (93%) in the 2011 survey conducted by the International Republican Institute. In 2013, as little as 9% of Georgian citizens said they do not trust the police (an improvement of 2 percentage points over 2012).

The FINANCIAL -- The average cost of cooking one standard Imeretian khachapuri varied in September 2014 across Georgian cities from 3.01 GEL, the minimum observed in Telavi, to 3.55 GEL, the maximum observed in Tbilisi and Kutaisi. The average price was 3.35 GEL, which is 3.2% higher compared to the previous month (August 2014), and 13.7% higher compared to September of last year.

The FINANCIAL -- All khachapuri ingredients, except eggs, have significantly increased in price in September 2014 relative to the same month of last year: cheese added 19.7%, flour - 17.2%, butter - 12%, yeast - 12%, and milk - 7.5%.  While Imeruli cheese is a unique Georgian product, all other khachapuri ingredients can be imported or produced domestically. According to GeoStat, in 2013, Georgia reached very high levels of self-sufficiency in such products as milk and eggs (around 90%). For wheat, however, Georgia heavily depends on imports, with only 10% of it grown by local farmers.

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