The FINANCIAL -- What makes a person satisfied with their life?  This question is obviously too big to be answered by any one study, or even the whole field of opinion research, for that matter. If we look closely, though, the most recent European Values Survey may give us some hints.

education.jpgThe FINANCIAL -- The salad options at a Woolworths supermarket in Sydney, Australia. Too much choice can paralyze! Like many, I like having more choice, but hate making choices. As a result, many of the most important choices in my life, including the choice among alternative partners, have been made for me by … others. 

frankclobukar1.jpgThe FINANCIAL -- Georgians claim to staunchly support free market competition more than most Europeans, but hold some opinions that are distinctly more socialist or anti-competition.

eggs.jpgThe FINANCIAL -- While the Khachapuri Index continues to climb up in a perfectly predictable fashion – driven by the seasonal increase in the price of cheese – a bit of drama is being provided by the ups and downs in the price of eggs.

womenwork.jpgThe FINANCIAL -- Throughout the 20th century, most of Europe has grown to accept and welcome women in the workplace.  The attitude becomes little less feminist as you travel east, however. Areas like East Europe, the Caucuses, and Turkey still have more traditional values than their central and northern counterparts.  Georgia presents somewhat unique opinions, though.

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