The FINANCIAL -- Drug policy reform is now at the center of a heated debate in Georgia. Despite the importance of the subject, however, most of the discussions I have heard so far are based on phobias and myths, rather than on evidence. This is a pity, as society will ultimately have to decide on the subject by voting YES or NO on this reform, thereby choosing between very different potential outcomes. Having an informed opinion on the issue is, therefore, extremely important.

The digitization of the economy is one of the most important drivers behind the profound transformation of the labor market and the way people work, which is thought likely to become even more significant in the years to come. This new paradigm represents a major challenge for employers, workers and public authorities, and the challenges needs to be fully understood in order to identify the most appropriate policy options to transform them into opportunities for all.

The FINANCIAL -- Lot of people thinks on how to become a millionaire. However, considering unemployment, high competition in standard markets, it is not easy goal to achieve. However, people familiar with technologies, programming, find it easy to use market opportunities wide open by Blockchain technology, and gain millions and billions of US Dollars offering novelty, which is not local anymore, because technology enables us to be world citizens and make global offers and services.

The FINANCIAL -- Georgian medical facilities can offer a range of services to patients from abroad. This may include high technological diagnostics or treatment, complicated techniques in surgery and nonstandard approaches to widespread diseases.

The FINANCIAL -- The global financial crisis of 2007-08 is considered to be the most severe global slowdown since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The financial crisis in the US led to the European Debt Crisis and a global recession. The global financial crisis was more severe for advanced economies than for developing countries and the bounce-back has been more vigorous for the latter.

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