Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router Is Now Cloud-Deployable

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The FINANCIAL — Oracle has introduced a new version of Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router. The new release of the proven product is now cloud-deployable, designed to help communications service providers (CSPs) monetize their networks by creating new services and use a virtualized infrastructure to launch these services more quickly.

As reported in the “Oracle Communications LTE Diameter Signaling Index, Fourth Edition,” global Diameter signaling continues to grow rapidly. Consumers are demanding increasingly personalized services, and in turn, CSPs are delivering tiered data plans, loyalty programs, Internet of Things solutions, and more on LTE and 3G networks—the source of the Diameter signaling explosion. At the same time, CSPs are starting to virtualize network elements to better optimize their networks.

Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router addresses this reality. It offers centralized routing, traffic management, and load balancing, creating a secure architecture that enables CSPs’ IMS and LTE networks to be truly elastic and adaptable to increasing service and traffic demands, while also giving CSPs the foundation necessary to transition to network function virtualization (NFV). The benefits of this release include:

A diameter signaling router that CSPs can deploy in a common and shared infrastructure with other telecommunications applications in a private or hosted cloud: This can help CSPs realize the benefits of NFV—rolling out new services faster and reducing operating expenses

Networkwide visibility via an integrated troubleshooting capability and configurable dashboard: CSPs can trace Diameter messages and analyze operational metrics across their networks, helping to more centrally diagnose and troubleshoot problems in Diameter networks using graphical visualization tools

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Enhanced service quality and experience for Voice over LTE (VoLTE) customers, ensuring:

Better protection from call loss, improving the customer experience

Improved connection quality: New capabilities in the Oracle Communications solution help CSPs prioritize important traffic like VoLTE when the network is congested and avoid under- or overutilizing servers

More-consistent experience for customers while roaming: With tighter encryption mechanisms in Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router, CSPs can implement roaming steering. This enables full control of the network selection for the out-roamers and yields a better experience for customers while roaming

“CSPs are accelerating their transition to NFV, focusing on areas where more network flexibility and resiliency directly correlates with increased revenue. Diameter signaling management is one of those areas,” said Greg Collins, founder and principal analyst, Exact Ventures. “Cloud-deployable products such as Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router offer a solution, helping to both optimize and monetize network traffic.”

“As LTE deployments continue, CSPs now have a better grasp of what it means for their Diameter signaling volumes—and the resulting gap in their networks’ ability to scale and flex,” said Doug Suriano, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications. “We are committed to helping CSPs close this gap by further enabling their transition to NFV. With Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router deployed via the cloud, our goal is for CSPs to have both a powerful network and the ability to actually monetize it—fast.”

Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router is used in some of the world’s largest LTE deployments and was recently recognized for this success with the “Best LTE Core Network Product” award at LTE Asia 2015, along with Oracle Communications Policy Management.

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