Orbita to Offer New Assortment of Snacks in 2019

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Georgian distribution company Orbita plans to increase its assortment of snacks this year and offer innovative products to the Georgian market by 2020.

General Director of Orbita, Giorgi Davitadze, said that the new assortment of snacks will include hazelnuts blended with different spices.

Orbita was established in 2004, however the company has been operating on the Georgian market since 1998 under different names.

Despite limited resources, the company was able to achieve success and nowadays is one of the leading distribution companies in Georgia that covers the whole territory of the country.

As a result of the trustful cooperation with its partners and the successful development of the company, Orbita has become an exclusive distributor in Georgia of the following popular brands: Eti; Morozov; Tamek; Malbi; Progum; Naturella; Viva; Oliveline; Mokate; NMGK; Italfood; Tadim; and Gemo.

Of these brands Gemo has received its first Golden Brand award this year, after becoming the favourite brand of over 100 experts and 2,000 surveyed customers.

“We are very glad to be appreciated and to have been given this award. I think it is down to the fact that our company has contributed significantly to the market development as we started importing hazelnuts and similar products when there was a lack of such products on the market. Thus we developed this culture and category in Georgia,” said Davitadze.

Gemo is a brand of salted peanuts that was created by Orbita in 2009. It is distinguished by its premium quality and has been well appreciated and trusted by Georgian customers throughout the duration of its existence. Today Gemo is positioned in the premium segment.

Q. Could you tell us what the goals and core values of Orbita are?

A. Orbita has been offering the highest quality products in Georgia since the very day of its establishment. The company’s strategy is to offer customers a new and expanding range of products, as well as to improve service levels by utilizing modern technologies. Moreover, to establish new relations with the world’s leading brands.

The company’s goal is to always present professionalism and discipline in all areas, and provide a constant upgrade of staff’s qualifications. We believe that the company’s success is determined by our staff, as well as constant development and leadership in the field of distribution.

We try to select qualified employees who share these values, as they represent important capital of the company. What’s most important for us is our customers and we truly believe that our success depends on the success of those that consume our products.

Nowadays, the company employs more than 150 highly qualified staff, who are recruited for different departments. These include: the Sales Department; Finance Department; Marketing Department; Human Resources Department; Administration; Warehouse and more.

Our organization fully meets the security and environment protection standards and norms. We constantly work on developing our product portfolio and therefore try to establish a better business environment and provide more working places.

Orbita realizes its responsibility in business relations with its partners by working with the following values: honesty, innovation, teamwork, responsibility, integrity, and professionalism.

Q. Can you introduce us to the production line of Gemo – starting from the raw materials, all the way to distribution?

A. raw materials of peanuts are collecting from farmers who have plantations spread over dozens of hectares of territory.

We seasonally purchase peanuts, store and produce them. Peanuts are roasted in vegetable fat, then dried, salted and packed. After that the products are distributed to the stores in Georgia and our distribution network covers the whole country.

Q. As of today the Georgian market is saturated with imported as well as locally-produced peanuts. How does Gemo compete with them?

A. We have quite a lot of decent competitors. However, there are some players who are oriented solely on price rather than quality. Not all of our competitors offer the same high quality as Gemo does.

In 2018 we experienced 27 percent growth in sales.

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