Passenger Numbers Up 18% This Christmas At Dublin Airport

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The FINANCIAL — Dublin Airport is a truly magical place at Christmas time with many wonderful, emotional family reunions. This year, more than 925,000 passengers are expected to travel through the airport over the course of the Christmas season, from Friday, December 18 to Friday, January 1, 2016. The numbers travelling this year are up 18% compared to the same period last year.

“Friday, December 18 is expected to be the busiest day before Christmas, with almost 80,000 passengers due to arrive and depart through both terminals, while Sunday, December 27 is expected to be the busiest day after Christmas particularly with passengers heading to winter sun and skiing destinations,” according to Dublin Airport spokesperson Siobhan O’Donnell.

Once again, the Dublin Airport campus and terminal buildings have been decorated to give a special atmosphere to the airport over this festive season. The terminals are decked with 90,000 led lights, which use significantly less electricity than traditional lighting, more than 100 Christmas trees, 500 snowflakes/stars and 20 festive displays. More than  30 musical groups from local schools and choirs will perform in both terminals in the days leading up to Christmas bringing a true ‘Céad Míle Fáilte’ to the many people coming home for the Christmas Holidays and to those visiting Ireland from overseas.

Dublin Airport will close on Christmas Day however a number of staff members will remain on duty including the daa’s emergency fire services.  Flight operations will cease on Christmas Eve after the last flight departs at 23.00 to Moldova and will resume on St. Stephen’s Day at 04.45 when the first flight lands from Addis Ababa, according to  Dublin Airport.

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To help passengers have a smooth journey through the airport this Christmas season, Dublin Airport has the following key tips:


Aer Lingus, Etihad Airways, Emirates and ALL the American carriers operate from Terminal

2 while all other airlines operate from Terminal 1. 2. THE EU AVIATION LIQUID REGULATIONS – 100ML RULE

EU aviation liquid regulations are still in place so passengers are reminded to pack gifts in bottles or containers measuring more than 100ml into their checked in luggage.


Passengers are also reminded not to carry sharp objects in their hand-luggage, such as, scissors, nail files, blades, cork screws, cutlery or other sharp objects of any description.  These objects should be packed into checked in luggage.  Christmas crackers may be brought through the passenger security screening area provided the novelty gifts inside are not sharp/prohibited items.


If you are planning to bring Christmas gifts by air this festive season Dublin Airport is asking passengers not to gift wrap presents. “Many passengers take a lot of care and time to wrap Christmas gifts for family and friends overseas. We would ask them not to wrap these gifts otherwise they may be disappointed if they are requested to open them at the passenger security screening area,” said Dublin Airport’s Siobhan O’Donnell.


Passengers should plan to arrive in the terminal building at least 90 minutes before their flight departure time irrespective of whether they are checking in on line or at the airport.  Passengers flying long-haul are advised to consult their airline’s website for check-in times. 6. ROAD TRAFFIC

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Finally, passengers travelling this Christmas season are also advised to allow extra time to get to the airport in the event of road congestion to ensure they comply with check-in and airport security regulations. “Dublin Airport will have additional Customer Care staff on duty over the Christmas season to ensure passengers have an efficient and smooth journey through the airport, but we’d also ask passengers to prepare for security screening by removing their outer jacket, belts, keys, coins and laptops from cases so that security searches are kept to a minimum,” Ms ODonnell said.  


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