Peter Goossens (Hof van Cleve) creates meals for Brussels Airlines

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The FINANCIAL — From December onwards, Brussels Airlines serves Business Class meals created by Peter Goossens from restaurant Hof van Cleve (Kruishoutem, Belgium). With this cooperation, the airline wants to continue its role as a flying ambassador for Belgium. The meals will be served on board intercontinental flights to the US and Africa.

The chef of restaurant Hof van Cleve has concocted six different menu’s that showcase the best of Belgian gastronomy to the international Brussels Airlines clientele. Peter Goossens has primarily selected seasonal and regional products, which he incorporated with a Belgian touch, according to Brussels Airlines.

“We have strived to come up with menus that evoke the restaurant experience at 30,000 feet in the air. It wasn’t an easy task, since there are many restrictions for plane meals, but I’m proud of the result. It was a unique experience to work with Brussels Airlines on this project and I look forward to the reactions of their guests on board”, says Peter Goossens.

“We are extremely proud to be able to serve the creations of Peter Goossens on board our intercontinental flights. We want to offer our Business Class guests a premium experience and show our Belgian identity at the same time. Peter’s menus are a perfect way to show the best that Belgian gastronomy has to offer”, adds Anne Tricot, Brussels Airlines Vice President Customer Experience.

Before Peter Goossens, Geert Van Hecke (Karmeliet) and Pierre Résimont (L’Eau Vive) were among the five chefs who have also created meals for Brussels Airlines.

The chef also selected six beers from his region to serve with his menus, including Steenuilke from Brouwerij De Ryck and Malheur from Brouwerij De Landtsheer. Since many years, Brussels Airlines wants to be a flying ambassador of Belgium. On board of its fights, the airline serves a large selection of Belgian beers and wines. Passengers can also indulge in Belgian pralines and cheese from the renowned Cheese Refiners Van Tricht in Antwerp.

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Peter Goossens has a lot on his record with Hof van Cleve. He opened the restaurant in 1992 and already two years later earned his first Michelin star. Meanwhile, the restaurant now has no less than three stars, which reflects the impeccable quality of the cuisine. Among the Flemish audience, the chef is also known as a juror in TV shows “My Restaurant” and “De Beste Hobbykok van Vlaanderen”. “WBPStars” – the little brother of “World’s 50 Best” – published a list of the 60 best restaurants in the world last July, in which Hof van Cleve holds a shared first place.


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