Philips and Dutch Isala klinieken enter into long-term partnership to facilitate innovative

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The FINANCIAL — Royal Philips Electronics and Isala klinieken, a major Dutch hospital announced a multi-year intensive collaboration to constantly improve patient care and ensure that it remains affordable at the Isala klinieken.


The hospital, which has close to 1,000 beds and 5,500 employees, is determined to improve the patient experience and the quality of care that it provides, while also addressing patient safety and meeting the needs of the increasing number of people who require care. Philips is working with Isala klinieken to ensure that over the coming years the hospital has the most advanced medical equipment at its disposal to diagnose disease in its early stages, so that patients can be treated more quickly, more directly and in a less invasive way.

Never before in its history has Philips entered into such an extensive partnership with a hospital in the Netherlands. Philips will use its knowledge and expertise to support Isala klinieken in the acquisition, use and maintenance of medical equipment as well as in the improvement of the hospital’s care processes. As Royal Philips Electronics reported, to provide the right starting point, the hospital is being equipped with Philips’ most advanced MRI and CT scanners, ultrasound systems and patient monitoring solutions. This equipment has been designed to improve the experience for both patient and hospital staff. Philips and Isala klinieken are also investing in a joint research program to create new innovations for the diagnosis and treatment of cardio-vascular disease and cancer.

“Thanks to this intensive cooperation and long-term agreement, Philips and Isala klinieken will be able to support one another in areas where we already excel,” says Marjanne Sint, chairperson of the Board of Management of Isala klinieken. “For our patients and employees, it means that we will be able to provide the highest quality care, both now and in the future, while at the same time keeping our costs under control. As a leading hospital that provides advanced clinical care, it is of great benefit to us to be able to use state-of-the-art technologies. We will also be able to support one another in the field of knowledge development so that we are able to use new innovations as quickly as possible for the benefit of patients.”

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“By entering into this new partnership, Isala klinieken is demonstrating its commitment to providing the highest level of clinical care in the Netherlands,” says Hans Bossink, General Manager Philips Healthcare Benelux. “The agreement also highlights our own commitment to not only provide the most innovative medical solutions, but also offer an enterprising customized approach that gives hospitals greater assurance now and in the future. Together, Philips and Isala klinieken are demonstrating that it is possible to improve the quality of patient care while also addressing society's increasing need to control healthcare costs.”



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