Premium Class Brings Bagi Products to the HORECA Segment in 2019

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Georgian company Premium Class, official distributor of sophisticated cleaning and home care product Bagi in Georgia, is going to introduce Bagi products to the HORECA segment this year.

“In parallel to trade facilities, Bagi will also be represented in the professional cleaning of hotels and restaurants, which is very important for our customers. As you know, confidence in the brand Bagi is very high, which determines the brand’s development,” said the Director of Premium Class Jumber Egriselashvili.

Premium Class introduced Israeli brand Bagi to the Georgian market in 2008. Since then the brand has been successfully developing on the Georgian market and this year even received the most prestigious business award Golden Brand. Thanks to the utmost success the brand achieved in 2018 Bagi became the favourite brand in its segment in Georgia.

Household cleaning products of Bagi are made with Dead Sea minerals and do not cause allergies. These unique products are exclusively developed by Bagi’s own labs, and undergo comprehensive quality testing procedures before they are marketed to the consumer.

“The entire Bagi product range is based on the “effortless cleaning” principle, and the company devotes extensive resources to ensure that each professional product is environmentally-friendly, attractively-priced, and of a uniformly high quality, offering the consumer consistently good value,” said Egriselashvili.

“Besides offering quality products to Georgian customers the company Premium Class prioritises having highly qualified staff. The company spends a lot of time on improving the knowledge and qualifications of its staff. All distributors and pre-sellers are provided with trainings in sales and merchandizing. These trainings help to improve the quality of our employees’ work,” he added.

Bagi offers over 100 products to Georgian customers, “which means that Bagi satisfies all the wishes of our customers,” said Egriselashvili. He says that all products of Bagi are easy to use and do not require “extra effort”, meaning that even a small amount of a Bagi product is enough to “get a unique result”.

Q. Do you plan to introduce new products this year?

A. Technologically the brand is constantly developing and accordingly its assortment is also increasing. Today modern surfaces, such as acrylic surfaces, require more attention and care. Products made with new technologies by Bagi make housework easier.

Soon wash gels made with renewed technology and in accordance with European standards will be added to Bagi’s assortment. I am sure that this new product will become very popular with customers.

Q. So far, which Bagi products are the most popular on the market?

A. I would say that over 50% of Bagi products are very popular, however I would single out some of the favourite ones of customers. These products are ‘Shumanit’, which is a unique, time-saving grease remover for stoves, dishes, sinks, tiles and car engines; ‘Raitit’ spray for furniture, which cleans and gives a gloss to furniture and wooden items; ‘Meteor’ spray for cleaning and shining toilet bowls, sinks, and ceramic tiles; and ‘Mastic’ for floor cleaning.

Q. What were your company’s sales statistics in 2018-2017?

A. Compared to 2017 sales of Bagi products increased 1.5 times in 2018 which is a good result.

Bagi products are available in every region of Georgia, at every leading shop or supermarket.

Q. How competitive is the Georgian market?

A. The competition in household cleaning products is very high, like it is in every other field of business.

However, sales data and growing demand shows us that Bagi takes the leading position on the market.

Currently, Bagi holds a 45% share of the Georgian market.

When we talk about brand development and success we should not forget that it is a healthy environment which creates the foundations for successful development. I would like our brand as well as the market to develop further in the future, and to have many competitors.

Q. Congratulations on winning a Golden Brand award. What led Bagi to this success in your opinion?

A. Years of work and management are what let Bagi to this recognition, to this award. For Premium Class it is a big responsibility and honour at the same time to be the recipient of a Golden Brand award. We should also not forget the fact that Israel provides high quality products that we distribute in Georgia. This is a main contributing factor.

Premium Class and Bagi producers are continuing to work together on new projects, promising to offer more novelties to our customers.

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