President Margvelashvili: Free Media and Free Business Should Be Protected

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The FINANCIAL — Giorgi Margvelashvili, President of Georgia has held a meeting with founders and journalists representing the TV Company “Iberia”.
After obtaining detailed information about the recent developments in “Iberia”, President Margvelashvili highlighted that free media and free business should be protected in the country.

Ana Natsvlishvili, Parliamentary Secretary of President Margvelashvili said following the meeting that “undoubtedly, the two crucial values that lay foundation for free society and democratic state – freedom of speech and protection of business should be guaranteed in Georgia.”

“There is no question that media freedom is crucial, but it is also very important when this topic is addressed and discussed by the state institutions and other structures. Business is also important. Behind every functional business there are hundreds of people and their families. In the current socio-economic context, leaving so many people unemployed will be a heavy burden for the state.

Therefore, while planning the course of action, media freedom and financial security of specific people who are citizens of this country and whose interests are important should be taken into consideration,” Ana Natsvlishvili said.


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