President Margvelashvili Offers Political Forces and the Ruling Party a Solution to the Constitutional Reform

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The FINANCIAL — The President of Georgia, H.E. Giorgi Margvelashvili has offered opposition parties to develop the existing project of the amended Constitution.

According to President Margvelashvili, image of the Georgian state has been negatively influenced by the impression that the society cannot agree on the most fundamental issue; therefore, he offers political parties, despite having diverse views, to reach a consensus on the existing project of the Constitution and then offer it to the ruling party.

“I have invited you to offer to work on the existing draft law of the Constitution, which implies reaching a consensus because the way the Constitution is written may not be the way how I or you would have written it. The Constitution could have possible been written as a result of a completely different process, with absolutely different logic and emphasis; however, the project is already developed. It is a political fact and we respect it. Let us take this project as a foundation and instead of making individual improvisations, mark the key controversial points, write our version of the Constitution, which will be agreed by each of you, despite having diverse political views, and offer it as a solution to the ruling political party.

Also, let us show our partners that diverse and opposing political forces can work together in Georgia and reach a consensus on the fundamental subject – state principles and architecture. If we can do this, in my point of view, we will take Georgia out of the difficult situation in which, unfortunately, the country is today and which the President of the Venice Commission finds clearly disappointing. This is not only a disappointment in the ruling political party, but it will eventually be translated into a disappointment in Georgia, the country where agreement on the fundamental issues cannot be reached.

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I think writing a new version of the Constitution based on the existing project will also be another chance for the ruling party to consider such consensus. Polemics on the Constitution that I have been hearing recently is quite bizarre. ‘Tell us verbally’, ‘tell us at the meeting’, ‘send us in a written form’, ‘we do not accept it’ or ‘this is an ultimatum’ – this process has been totally absurd.

Let us develop a common, written document of consensus and offer it to the ruling political force. I hope that it will give them a clear understanding that a one-party Constitution cannot be adopted in a democratic country, which has ambitions of being a progressive front-runner in the European process.

If the document of consensus is not adopted, then the project that we develop can be used for other purposes. I have invited you to ask to take part in this process, which aims at improving Georgia’s image and finding a solution to the constitutional issues,” President Margvelashvili said.

Leaders of the political parties have welcomed the President’s initiative and expressed readiness to work on a joint document. The meeting has also been attended by the Head of the Administration of the President Mr. Giorgi Abashishvili, Parliamentary Secretary of the President Ms. Ana Dolidze, Political Secretary of the President Ms. Pikria Chikhradze and the Advisor to the President in Human Rights and Justice Issues Mr. Kakha Kozhoridze, according to the Administration of the President of Georgia.


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