President Trump’s Approval Rating Has Increased Slightly

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The FINANCIAL — As the Republicans present a new version of the Affordable Health Care Act, concern over healthcare continues to climb, now at 16%. Focus has shifted away from terrorism with concern dropping by 4 percentage points to 11%.

Attention remains steady on the economy, where 13% of Americans believe it’s the most important problem facing the US today. When exploring partisan beliefs, Democrats cite healthcare as their top concern (20%), whereas Republicans are most concerned about terrorism and the economy (both 15%). Republicans are also more likely to cite immigration (12%) as a top concern than either Democrats (3%) or Independents (7%), according to Ipsos.

Now over 100 days into his term, President Trump’s approval rating has increased slightly to 44% among Americans. While this is up from last week’s 41% approval, most Americans still say they disapprove of the job he is doing as president (51%). Consistently some of Trump’s job approval attributes have remained high, with his handling of the economy and jobs and his dealing with ISIS/ISIL both at 53%. However, the president continues to get lower approval marks for his handling of the environment (38% approve) and ‘the way he treats people like me’ (40%). Notably, President Trump’s approval rating on healthcare remains low (43%), despite his administration’s continued focus on it. Similarly, his approval on taxation is low (46%), a bad sign as Republicans prepare to present tax policy reform.


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