PSP Strengthens E-Commerce, Offering 25,000 Products Online During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Georgian medical company PSP Group, which has cemented itself as the leading company in the pharmaceuticals market of Georgia, is continuing to implement innovative projects that will make it easier for customers to attend to health and beauty and make their relationship with PSP more comfortable, accessible and useful.

This year again, PSP won its 15th Golden Brand at the 15th Golden Brand awards ceremony for the utmost success the company achieved in 2019. This means that PSP has never ceded the award to any other company operating in the same field.

When recalling PSP’s activities in 2019, it is not surprising why Golden Brand experts named the company as their favorite this year as well.

PSP has increased its range of medicines as well as beauty and skincare products. Products of Mizon, Essens, Penaten, KayPro have been put on the shelves of PSP stores and received the appreciation from the Georgian customers.

“For the first time in Georgia, PSP offered the products of famous Korean brand Mizon to Georgian customers. Mizon’s snail repair cream became one of the most exciting discoveries for Georgian female customers in 2019. Essens products from Germany took the hearts of teenagers and younger customers. Generations of German children have been brought upwith Penaten products and now it is available to parents as well. And finally our new brand of KayPro, which is a professional line of hair care products that is easy to use at home. We will introduce new brands to our customers this year as well”, said VajhaOkriashvili, Director of PSP Pharma.

In total 238 British-concept stores of PSP serve over 2.2 million customers monthly, offering about 25,000 medical, parapharmic, hygiene and cosmetic products for customers, including some European brands that are exclusively sold at PSP.

What kind of COVID-19 safety measures has PSP taken and how do you protect your staff as well as customers?

The company began ensuring the safety of employees and customers after the first case of infection was recorded in Georgia. In early March, protective glass was installed at all PSP pharmacies at pharmacists’ desks, and at the entrance there were disinfection carpets.

Every day we measure the temperature of our staff and monitor for initial signs of the virus.

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Following the government decrees, all information posters were printed in one night, so that customers would receive the warning information the next day at the pharmacy, whether it pertained to the maximum allowable amount of people inside the stores or the requirement to wear facemasks.

PSP was one of the first store chains to install social distancing signals on the floors.

The company consistently sends employees masks, gloves, protective face shields, disposable hats and disinfectant solutions for hands necessary for employees. In addition, our contractor company Disinfection Service 2010 completely disinfects PSP pharmacies.

Years ago PSP was the first pharmacy to offer e-pharmacy services to its customers. As e-commerce has become more in demand due to pandemic restrictions on retail stores, how has PSP improved its online services?

The only right way to fight against the virus is to ‘Stay at Home’. The company responded to the state’s call to ‘Stay at Home’ by expanding its online pharmacy services.The PSP online pharmacy provides 25,000 products online for consumers to help them stay at home and get the items they need at home. PSP was the first pharmacy that introduced e-pharmacy services in 2007 and since then the company has been working to improve its online services, which we updated in 2017.

PSP online pharmacy is the first online pharmacy in Georgia, so given the current situation, it was easier for us to more quickly mobilize our resources and provide home delivery not only in the capital city of Tbilisi but in the regions as well. Any customer can easily order any product via without leaving home and get it the same day.

In order to create more comfort for our customers we have added a free phone service. They can call 0801 200 200 and get medicines or beauty products that are available at our pharmacies.

The delivery service is provided by a partner company whose couriers are equipped following the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

During the pandemic PSP pharmacies did not stop working for a single day, how difficult was this for staff?

PSP is a company with a strong sense of social responsibility and that we should be at the service of the people at exactly this time, so all our pharmacies continued to work, including 24/7 pharmacies. PSP is proud of its strong, professional, dedicated staff, whose work is an expression of professionalism and heroism in such high-risk conditions. All pharmacists, consultants, managers, and each employee of the pharmacy fully understand the necessity of their work to supply people with medicines and necessary products during the pandemic.

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We all also understand how important social responsibility is nowadays, and strictly meet all safety norms, take care of our ourcolleagues’ and customers’ health and make sure society knows that #PSPiswithyourfamily.

Congratulations on winning the Golden Brand award. PSP has never ceded the award to any other company operating in the same field. How has the company managed to always be successful over the course of these many years?

Customer-oriented activities, more comfort, care for health and beauty, providing access to world-famous brands, agreeable prices and useful offers for baby nutrition and skincare, cosmetics and beauty products – this has always been the main task of PSP.

We have always been innovators on the market. Besides online services that we have already talked about, PSP was also the first company that became the official distributor of European medicines in Georgia.It was one of the first companies in Georgia to appear on the market with its own logo. PSP introduced in Georgia real 50% discounts on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.

Since our appearance on the Georgian market in 1994, PSP has always been the number one company in terms of the range and quality of its activities. This is why we never let the Golden Brand award go to any other company.


PSP started its activities in 1994 and its first appearance on the Georgian pharmaceutical market was in distribution. Initially, the distribution company PSP Implementation Centre was created, which became the first official distributor of European medicines in Georgia.

Step by step the company expanded its product offerings into medical cosmetics, hygiene care, children’s nutrition and skincare products.

To note, the name of the company – PSP – is an abbreviation of the Latin expression ‘Paulatim Summa Petuntur’, which in English means ‘step-by-step to the peak’. And the company strives constantly to justify the essence of the expression behind its name.

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