PUMA covers Medical Treatment Costs for Injured Employee of its Footwear Supplier Kaoway Sports

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The FINANCIAL — Sportlifestyle company PUMA will cover the costs for the medical treatment of a female employee of its footwear supplier Kaoway Sports Ltd., who was injured by a gun shot during labour unrest on Monday, February 20, 2012 in Cambodia.


According to PUMA, it officials and representatives of the Cambodian non-governmental organization CLEC visited an injured employee of Kaoway Sports Ltd., who is currently hospitalized in Phnom Penh, on Tuesday and Wednesday. Upon PUMA’s request, the patient has been transferred to a medically-better equipped division of the hospital to ensure that she gets the appropriate treatment her injuries require. PUMA will cover the costs of this treatment until the employee has recovered from her injuries.

PUMA can also confirm that its supplier Kaoway Sports Ltd. had agreed last Friday – prior to the unrest taking place outside the premises of Kaoway Sports Ltd. – to meet the collective demands of workers in this Cambodian region. According to this agreement, Kaoway Sports Ltd. will provide a monthly transportation subsidy of USD 10 and a daily subsidy of USD 0.50, effective March 1, 2012.

PUMA is currently in the process of hosting several meetings with other non-governmental organizations and trade unions this week to discuss solutions for the ongoing conflict in the country so that the safety and well-being of the employees in its supplier factories is ensured and working conditions meet PUMA’s mandatory standards.

Kaoway Sports Ltd. will resume work on Friday after all personnel have been evacuated from the compound to ensure the employee’s safety and workers were sent home.

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