Radio Maestro Returns Popular Programme ‘Radioactive Zone’

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Radio Maestro 94.7 FM is returning its popular programme ‘Radioactive Zone’ to its lineup, ‘which will cover political processes accurately, equally and impartially as well as all interesting and relevant topics for society, says Tamar Bakuradze, head of marketing department at Radio Maestro.

The hosts of the programme will be Levan Tchitanava and Dodi Loladze.

Bakuradze said that the programmewill be broadcast every day at 16:00 on the Facebook page of Radio Maestro as well, allowing followers to not only listen to but also watch Radioactive Zone as well.

Could you please tell us how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the activities of Radio Maestro?

Covid 19 has posed new challenges to the whole world, naturally, it has touched us and changed our daily lives as well.

Most of the staff started to work remotely. We ensure maximum safety standards and are following all the recommendations issued by the World Health Organization.

Naturally, the work process has become much more complicated in this emergency situation, although the live broadcast continued to work on a daily basis.

The ongoing economic processes in the world and in the country had some financial impact on media outlets, including us, and advertising revenue has declined, although this was expected as the advertising market is sensitive to any crisis.

Despite the difficulties, the management of Radio Maestro did not even think about reducing its employees, on the contrary: we tried our best to make the work environment safer for our employees.

Today I can already say that slowly but surely business is coming back, which is a welcome development. All in all, due to the pandemic the anniversary of Radio Maestro has been postponed, although next year we will celebrate the 10th anniversary on a larger scale.

What is the main principle of work at Radio Maestro? Why do listeners listen to it, in your opinion?

The main principle of Radio Maestro was, is and will be to provide impartial, verified and reliable information to listeners 24 hours a day.

I can proudly say that we are an independent media outlet. When you are honest with the listener and give them only objective information, in return you get loyalty from them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank listeners sincerely for being with us throughout all these years and growing together from year to year.

The listener has the opportunity to ask questions or express their opinion on different radio programmes. How often does the audience get involved?

Overall, radio listeners are very active, for example, the show ‘People’s Opinion’, which is broadcast every day, presents only radio listeners and gives them the opportunity to express their opinion on the most important topics of the day. They are also very actively involved in other programmes and, moreover, they write to us – they call us and ask us to do programmes on various topics of interest to them, which we consider as much as possible.

Radio Maestro’s website reads that the radio station ranks first in the ranking of news radio stations. What do the statistics say?

Unlike television, there is no reliable research of the radio market of Georgia. However, we can say that Maestro is the most commercially demanded radio station, where all talk shows are interactive and the activity of engaging the listener directly indicates a high rating. The shows also run on Facebook live and the views of each show are accessible and open to everyone.

The radio station holding includes several other radio stations. Which of them are the most popular?

The holding unites the following: Radio Maestro FM 94.7, which has a fully informational format, including news, business and cognitive programmes; Radio Vinil FM 99.7, which is a music format radio, offering only international hits; Radio Georgian Vinil FM 93.1 – also a music format radio station offering Georgian songs, programmes about Georgian movies, music and culture.

There are different requirements for different formats on the radio market. Consequently, if we can boldly say that Radio Maestro is in demand, we can also boldly say that Radio Vinyl is in demand due to its sophisticated music format and has the most loyal listeners.

Each of our products has its own niche and this is how we manage to increase the number of our loyal listeners.

Radio Maestro is a partner of the Golden Brand Awards. Why have you been a supporter of the events for so many years?

A.For years, the Golden Brand award has been the business award that gives the business sector a lot of motivation to improve quality and develop further. It is our role as the media to support and stand by all the initiatives and projects that promote business development.

The Golden Brand awards create a platform that allows representatives from different sectors, including the business sector and the media, to come even closer and create a partnership environment.

I wish Golden Brand great success and development.

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