Radio Maestro to Offer New Summer-themed Programmes this Season

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Tamar Bakuradze, Head of the Marketing Department at Radio Maestro

Radio Maestro 94.7 FM is continuing to develop and indulge its listeners with new programmes. The radio company recently updated its news studio, from which a news programme will also be broadcasted onto its Facebook page allowing Radio Maestro followers to not only listen to, but also watch programmes as well.

“I think this will further improve our radio’s ratings as the number of followers of Radio Maestro and Radio Vinil on Facebook exceeds over half a million as of yet. In the nearest future, tourism and geographical news sections will be also added to our list of programmes, with a focus on the summer season. Also, we plan to broaden coverage of cultural and press issues,” said Tamar Bakuradze, Head of the Marketing Department at Radio Maestro.

Radio Maestro has been broadcasting since 1 May, 2011. The radio appeared on the market with a 24-hour broadcasting regime and Bakuradze believes this to be the main factor that has helped the radio company maintain its leading positions and wide audience of listeners.

“We have implemented many interesting projects over the years. We live in the 21st century and we have to be always motivated and ready for modern marketing demands so as not to fall behind the latest trends and fast development rates. As you know, the Georgian market is not that big, so competing with dozens of radio stations requires a lot of work,” said Bakuradze.

The holding unites the following: Radio Maestro FM 94.7, which has a fully informational format, including news, business and cognitive programmes; Radio Vinil FM 99.7, which is a music format radio, offering only international hits; Radio Georgian Vinil FM 93.1 – also a music format radio station offering Georgian songs, programmes about Georgian movies, music and culture; and TV Vinil, that unites the content of Radio Vinil and Radio Georgian Vinil, just shown in a TV format.

“Each of our products has its own niche and this is how we manage to increase the number of our loyal listeners. It is worth mentioning our music awards ceremony ‘Okros Vinili’ [‘Golden Vinyl’ in English], where we award those people who have significantly contributed to the development of Georgian music,” said Bakuradze.

Radio Maestro and TV Vinil cover the whole territory of Georgia, while Radio Vinil and Radio Georgian Vinil are available only in the capital city of Tbilisi, and in the regions of Adjara and Guria. “Radio Maestro covers the whole territory of Georgia and is the only radio station in the country that is broadcasting 24/7. This is one of the most important advantages of Radio Maestro. Loyal listeners of our radio always get the latest information about developments in our country and those happening abroad as well. Our radio has a high rating and is very trusted by our listeners,” said Bakuradze.

Radio Maestro is commercially the most popular radio station in Georgia, as revealed by last year’s research.

Like in previous years Radio Maestro supported this year’s Golden Brand awards as well, which is recognised as being the most influential business awards ceremony in Georgia.

“This year we became partners of the Golden Brand awards for the third time. Cooperation with the Golden Brand team has become a tradition for our holding. What matters to us is quality, and we can truly say that Golden Brand is high-quality, high-class, with a favourable image and good prospects,” said Bakuradze.

She believes that supporting such events is not just necessary, but important as well.

“This is a platform for people who do business in Georgia, for whom it is important to develop the country and take care of the future, who constantly try to demonstrate the possibilities of the country and the Georgian market. Golden Brand does really great work which is a big stimulus and encouraging for businesses,” she said.

Q. What new projects have Radio Maestro offered to listeners recently?

A. One of the most distinguished programmes broadcasted by Radio Maestro is Sport Live which was broadcasted only recently yet has already gained popularity.

As Radio Maestro is a news-format radio station, it is unthinkable for us not to offer novelties to our listeners constantly. We offer diverse programmes that satisfy the interests of our listeners and I think this is important.

In March 2018, the Georgian National Communications Commission published a study of radio broadcasting opportunities in Georgia. The study showed that people mostly listen to music and news programmes on the radio. Radio listeners are less interested in medical, business and sports topics, the study showed.

In regard to this, Radio Maestro can be considered exceptional as its medical programme ‘Maestros Anatomia [‘Maestro Anatomy’ in English] and business programme ‘Maestro Business Time’, were first broadcasted in November 2017 and remain very popular programmes.

Also, our programme ‘Khalkhis Azri’ [‘People’s Opinion’ in English] perfectly shows how many loyal listeners we have. People actively call up and interact with the programme over the course of its 45 minute duration.

Q. Overall, how diverse are the programmes that Radio Maestro offers its listeners?

A. We mainly cover political and business related issues. We also offer different kinds of interesting, entertaining programmes.

Taking into account the fact that Radio Maestro has an audience of all ages and different social representations, it is important for us to offer them a variety of interesting programmes and topics.

We can say that Radio Maestro acts as a kind of mediator between listeners and the ongoing developments in our country.

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