Radisson Blu Hotel Soon to Open in Tsinandali

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The FINANCIAL — Within the next eighteen months another Radisson Blu hotel will be opened in Georgia, this time in Tsinandali.


According to Atakan Turhan, General Manager of Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, the Tsinandali hotel will be another fantastic Radisson project. The hotel will have different facilities including a large spa and other leisure attractions.

As Mr. Turhan says, the year 2012 started quite successfully for the Radisson Blu Iveria hotel. There are high expectations of the upcoming months of May and June as well as there have already been plenty of bookings for this period.

“The year 2012 started quite well for our hotel. January was an excellent month and exceeded our expectations. February and March have been in line with our targets. The start was really good, it has since slowed down a little bit, but anyway has remained in line with our expectations. For the first three month of 2012 hotel occupancy has increased compared to last year,” Turhan said.

“For the first three month of 2012 the increased guest ratio figure was around 20% higher compared to last year. Most of our guests are foreigners. The nation that we see a majority of guests coming from is the USA. We host many guests from neighbour countries like Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine and also some European countries. The list of the most common nationalities of guests at our hotel remains quite stable and doesn’t really change much,” Turhan said.

“Hotel occupancy over New Year was the same as a year ago. The first week of January however was better this year because we saw many check-ins even after the New Year. The first week was 10% better than last year but overall New Year’s night was the same as last year. We held several events on the night; one in our Filini restaurant, a ‘DJ night’ in our Oxygen bar and a private event in the Ballroom,” Turhan said.

Radisson often hosts different celebrities from around the globe. According to Turhan the hotel recently hosted famous band A Studio as well as the famous football player Andriy Shevchenko.

“We have hosted many celebrities since our hotel first opened. Our celebrity guests are looking for something different, something exclusive and the best. They often choose our hotel and we are always proud to host them,” Turhan added.

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“Our well known Anne Semonin Spa is highly in demand amongst guests. Even nowadays we are having to limit membership as we are close to capacity, especially at our spa. Our Oxygen bar is also very popular and is nearly always full. The roof bar is one of the best locations for business meetings and our Terrace is really popular during the summer. Filini’s quick lunch, Rapido menu is also very popular. Our hotel is well positioned and demand for its different outlets is quite high,” Turhan said.

Radisson pays great attention to Green business and environment protection. The hotel takes part in different activities in line with this.

“Environment protection activities are coordinated with our head office. As a chain we pay much attention to this issue and we are a very environmentally friendly company. We have an overall target of reducing utility costs by 5% this year. We have recycling programmes. We have joined World Clean Up Days and take part in the celebration of Earth Hour. We are spending energy and resources on working on environment protection issues. We are training our staff on responsible business topics and one of those topics is environment protection,” Turhan said.

“According to our standards the breakfast service at our hotel is non-smoking. We do have special separate zones for smokers and non-smokers at the bar and for lunch and dinner. Of course if smoking were to be banned in buildings throughout the country it would be better for everyone. We would have that much cleaner air,” said Turhan.

“Our hotel focuses on a value for money policy. Value for money is a good offer for most of our guests. We actually focus on service rather than fighting against price competition. We are really proud of our guest satisfaction results. Our result is 9.1 out of 10 in terms of guest satisfaction and has been quite a stable indicator since the hotel’s opening. We are one of the top in the chain of the Radisson Blu network,” Turhan said.

“We pay great attention to guest satisfaction. In the event that something bad happens by accident we always work hard and focus on resolving the issue. We do our best to satisfy our guests and we thereby ensure that our guests will return to the hotel,” Turhan said.

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According to the General Manager the Radisson Blu Iveria hotel has a programme called MEDALLIA which is an online questionnaire. With the help of this programme the hotel receives information about guest complaints and satisfaction rates.

“We collect the email addresses of our guests during the check-in process and the system sends questions to people randomly. The guests can then reply to these questionnaires and based on their comments we follow up on whether we can do anything to improve guest satisfaction. I wouldn’t say that we have complaints very frequently at all. The expectations of a guest might be different sometimes however so we always try to meet all their expectations,” Turhan said.

“We change our restaurant menu twice a year. Filini is a chain restaurant brand and twice a year we hold trainings for the new menu. We send our head chef abroad for this. This time our chef is going to Milan. Next month a new menu will be taught there and we will then implement it. The bar menus are also updated twice a year, based on what is popular and which new dishes we are adding. We keep the popular dishes which are well-liked by our guests on the menu. Every year we come up with new dishes for the terrace menu. Now we are working on new grill items to include in our Terrace menu,” Turhan said.

Radisson Blu Iveria has two main traffic hours, the first from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. and the second in the morning due to flight schedules. The hotel offers discounts for groups, and prices depend on the season.

“We have special weekend prices and special offers for staying two or three nights which saves one 10%. We also have a couple of offers on at the moment. On special occasions like Valentine’s Day or at New Year we come up with specific offers for the respective period. We saw a real impact on bookings as a result of our Valentine’s Day and New Year’s offers,” Turhan said.



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