Record employment for London Business School MiF students

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The FINANCIAL — A record number of London Business School (LBS) alumni accepted jobs within three months of graduation. LBS has revealed that 92% of the School’s post-experience Masters in Finance (MiF) students of 2016 were offered jobs within three months of graduation, and the mean salary stood at £67,724 .

This is the highest MiF employment rate since 2007, a time when, says Lara Berkowitz, Executive Director, Career Centre at London Business School, “our students’ employment options and choices were very different”.

Lara believes that while opportunities for finance masters graduates have changed significantly since the global financial crash a decade ago, there are now many new opportunities across a wide range of employers, both in the UK and elsewhere, according to LBS.

“Our unique MiF programme provides students with a launchpad to create resilient finance careers. LBS MiF students are agile and curious. They have distinguished themselves with both strong finance technical and interpersonal skills in a challenging jobs market, securing employment across a range of sectors that are much more diversified than the pre-crisis days when almost half of our students went into a small group of investment banks.”

Today’s finance industry has been subject to many forces which are causing it disruption, forces which include the rise of artificial intelligence, increased regulation and cultural changes brought on by political and regulatory scrutiny. 

“Despite this challenging environment our MiF programme continues to demonstrate our ability to deliver exceptional employment opportunities for experienced finance professionals. We’re delighted with this record post-crisis employment rate.” 

LBS’s MiF programme is truly global. More than 40 nationalities took part in last year’s programme, with students pursuing careers internationally, although a 37% majority chose to work in the UK. “Our central London location remains a huge benefit for finance students. We feel that London still remains the world’s top financial centre. Almost one-third of our students went to Asia – another record number for us – and a great testament to our ability to have impact in financial centres around the world”. 

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The biggest single sector of choice of the 2016 cohort was 21% in investment banking followed closely by 20% in government, such as central banks. Taken as a whole, the buy-side was the most popular sector with a record 33% of MIF 2016s entering roles in private equity, investment management and hedge funds. 


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