Renters insurance made simple: here’s a complete guide to understanding it

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A tenant, as much as a homeowner, puts his heart and soul in building the perfect home for his family. Homes are not built in a day; people spend their life savings to curate their homes.

While a tenant might not have personally picked the wallpaper, tiles, and fixtures – he invests considerably in renting the house and re-decorating. From expensive personal belongings like jewelry to seemingly commonplace items like utensils – nothing comes for a cheap price. Naturally, it is important to safeguard such an expensive investment.

We often hear homeowner’s insurance, life insurance, and health insurance thrown around casually in family discussions but very little is spoken about renter’s insurance. Innovation in insurance has come a long way from cyber insurance to pet insurance, but a renter’s insurance policy is one to definitely look out for. Most of us are blissfully unaware of this crucial piece of information that can make or break one’s lives as a lessee.

What is renter’s insurance?

Since there is very little information in circulation about renter’s insurance, many of us are unsure as to why we must avail it. Your landlord might have your house insured but not your personal belongings. This confusion – if unresolved – is the fine line between sinking or springing back up when misfortune strikes. Renter’s insurance policies are for anyone renting a house, apartment, condominium, or any other living space. Make your life as a tenant stress-free with a renter’s insurance in your pocket. Renter’s insurance is the best way to not only keep your assets safe but also maintain peace of mind at an affordable price. Take the vacation without worrying about the pearls in the cupboard – everything you possess is in excellent care.

What does a renter’s insurance cover?

Circumstances are usually unforeseen. With raging firesnatural disasters, thefts, and other mishaps becoming increasingly common, the safety of your possessions is at risk. In moments like these, it is the protection of your renter’s insurance that will help you recover all your losses in a jiffy.

Opposed to common perception, renter’s insurance is not only for your valuables. It includes commonplace items like your personal belongings, furniture, garments, electrical appliances, and items of everyday use. An honest, affordable and smart renter’s insurance policy protects all your possessions – not only large, expensive items like jewelry, iPhone, and the latest television but also seemingly inexpensive items like cutlery, clothes, and curtains. The tapestry that you bought from a flash sale – guess what? It is insured as well!

It essentially covers any third-party liability. Some renter’s insurance policies also include personal and medical liability.

Renter’s insurance policies usually do not cover injuries from termites, pests, rodents, and aggressive pets.

Is it really necessary?

Most tenants do not think this warrants the extra expense but post the occurrence of a catastrophe, this decision to not opt for an insurance cover can be the cause of immense regret. It can be surprising how much of a dent it can make in your bank account when the costs of replacing items in your household add up over the years. These costs are inevitable but certainly avoidable with a renter’s insurance.

Is renter’s insurance affordable?

The average cost of your insurance coverage depends on your neighbourhood, credit score, the total value of your belongings, and lastly, the condition, age, and size of your house.

The smartest method for availing any service is to do adequate research beforehand. This necessary research empowers one to make educated choices and ensures protection from falling prey to scams.

For example, while perusing through the details of insurance covers you are likely to buy, you may come across these terms – actual cash value and replacement cost coverage. Actual cash value policies include a deduction for depreciation whereas replacement cost coverage is pricier but can be worth an extra few bucks if your belongings are damaged or destroyed. This is how extra research can help you make choices in your interest in the long run.

Once you compare and contrast your choices, you can opt for the option that satisfies your requirements and does not burden your wallet.

To further minimise costs, it is best advised to comb through your belongings and make a thorough list along with their estimated prices. You can strike off items when you review your inventory.

One can also opt to bundle other types of insurance covers such as automobile and health along with renter’s insurance from the same insurance provider to avail considerable discounts.

In conclusion:

In times of catastrophe, mishaps, and unfortunate situations, a renter’s insurance policy is your angel in disguise. With premium coverage at an affordable price, the deal is too good to not grab. If you wish to sleep peacefully with your valuables stored in the house – check with your insurance provider at the earliest!


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