Reserve your Galaxy S10 now and get it delivered by March 8

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The FINANCIAL — Just like with previous Galaxy devices, Samsung is allowing customers to reserve the Galaxy S10 before it has even been announced. By signing up, customers get a number of perks as well as a guaranteed delivery date after the phone is launched.

First, Samsung is offering up to $550 off of a new Galaxy handset when you trade in an eligible device. Just like with similar programs, you will get more money for phones released within the last year with the credit dropping down based on how old the turned-in device is.

Additionally, by reserving the Galaxy S10 before its announcement, Samsung will automatically send you a $50 credit to spend on accessories after the phone is purchased.

But most importantly, by reserving your handset, you will be offered early access to pre-order the Galaxy S10 and have guaranteed delivery by March 8. While we haven’t seen any good leaks hinting at the phone’s release date, March 8 does fit the timetable after a February 20 unveiling.

When you walk through the reservation form, Samsung asks for the usual information like your name, email address, and zip code. The company then asks which carrier or unlocked model you would are looking to buy and offers you the option to start the trade-in process.

Looking at the terms and service of this deal, Samsung states that “not all Galaxy device versions are eligible for this offer.” As the site doesn’t let customers choose which Galaxy S10 they are interested in picking up, we don’t know which models are included in the deal. There’s a good chance that the “budget” Galaxy S10e will be excluded due to its semi-reduced price.

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If you know that you’re going to buy a Galaxy S10, you might as well reserve yours using the button below. If you’re on the fence, it won’t hurt reserving a handset as it doesn’t lock you into buying one.

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