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Situated on a Kolkheti Plain and 25 km north of Batumi (Georgia) Kobuleti is distinguished by a unique microclimate which benefits cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system unlike any other on Georgia’s Black Sea coast.A pleasant subtropical climate, fresh air, plenty of sunshine, warm sea and Adjarian Mountains nearby create one of the most desirable holiday destinations in Georgia. 

156 elegantly designed and spacious rooms, all with private balconies, open the wonderful views of the sea, the surrounding mountains or our beautiful garden. A modern decor with soft, pastel colored furnishings create a warm, welcoming feeling.

All the guest rooms offer  free Wi-Fi internet , air-conditioning, and hair-dryer, TV with satellite channels, mini bar and safe- boxes. 

Kobuleti became the elite resort in the second half of the XIX-th century. Although the first mention about this place concerned only the seaside part, which according to the direction of the Russian Emperor Alexander II was given as a present to the best Commander-in-Chiefs, who showed themselves in the Russian-Turkish campaign.

Influential high-rank officials shortly appraised the value of the gift and started to build luxury villas, where they spent summer and winter vacations together with their family members.

Soonest the healing power of the Kobuleti climate became well-known in the huge Russian Empire. Spending of at least two days here was the sign of the belonging to a high society. They were not only speaking, but also writing about the resort.  As a testimony of this, are numerous articles in the most popular newspaper of the time “Kavkaz”, where famous scientists and doctors Pantyukhov and Peredelskiy wrote about the unique climate of the place. They refer to Kobuleti as “ Smekalovka” (the name of the Russian settlement) or “Russian Riviera”. Along with this they refer to the words of doctor Preobrazhenskiy and professor Sherbakov, who asserted, that Kobuleti climate benefits cardio-vascular and nervous system as well as respiratory organs.

During Soviet Period, luxury villas of the aristocrats became the property of “red commissars”. One of the best summer-cottages, with the ideal location, became the property of Lavrentiy Beria, the governor of Caucasus Region. Soon after his move to Moscow, his summer-cottage was transformed into the sanatorium, which was named ”Sakartvelo” (“Georgia”).The sanatorium became one of the most prestigious places of recreation for the elected representatives of science, movies, theater and arts.

Nowadays in place of sanatorium “Sakartvelo” there is a modern, luxury 5 star spa-hotel” Georgia Palace”, which since the day of the  opening hosts hundreds of famous people, among them: the President of Georgia-Mikheil Saakashvili, the President of Ukraine-Victor Yushchenko, the President of Poland-Lech Kaczynski, the European Union High Commissioner Khavier Solana, jazz musician Markus Miller, the singer Tania Maria, the singer Keti Melua, opera stars Paata Burchuladze and Nino Surguladze, famous Georgian footballer, businessmen and politician Kakha Kaladze

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