Running an environmentally friendly business helps to reduce impact on the environment

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Interview with Eko Kalandarishvili, Director of Sales and Marketing at Hilton Garden Inn

Q. What is the role of Hilton in promoting green business in Georgia?

A. Hilton Garden Inn Tbilisi Chavchavadze, as a part of Hilton Hotels & Resort family, has been participating in all relevant sustainability programs and initiations. Hilton is committed to reducing waste and driving towards a circular economy. We are committed to leading the hospitality industry toward a net-zero economy and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions in line with climate science.Waste prevention, recycling, food upcycling and donation are all key components of creating a greener hospitality industry.

Q. Why do you think it is important to promote green business for the development of the country?

A. Hilton Hotels & Resorts integrated sustainability and green business ideology decades ago, however after the increasing impact of climate change in the contemporary world,   it has become even a bigger priority. Green business is also important as it can contribute significantly to the local economy of a country by creating employment and additional business opportunity for the domestic businesses. Running an environmentally friendly business helps to reduce impact on the environment and preserves natural resources. Therefore, business can help the environment in many ways, for example, it reduces the reliance on natural resources.

Q. For you as a business, what are the impediments to being more positive about green business development?

A. Sustainability of the business and being part of the community we live and serve in, as simple as that! – I mean Sustainability costs money. It might be more expensive to manufacture or to distribute the product or, it might affect the cost of the service as well. Businesses have to measure how sustainable they are and Hereby, Implementing a green business model may not be a quick and smooth transition for a company and its employees, it takes huge amount of time and energy to draft and to integrate sustainable programs into the business.

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Q. How you see the role of the public sector in promoting green business. What kind of support do you have from the public sector?

A. The public sector is important by setting the brighter guidelines, logistics and promoting educational content concerning the dangers and impacts of climate change.

Q. What kind of environmental issues take into consideration Hilton in the project planning process?

A. Every brand of Hilton Hotels & resorts has specific minimum requirements in order to ensure hotels are kept in line with the trends on energy efficiency.

Q. What are the main services that you offer to customers?

A. Hilton Garden Inn Tbilisi Chavchavadze is located in the Up-Market, Vibrant neighborhood of Chavchavadze Avenue, The primary district for business and the commercial lifestyle in Tbilisi, Georgia.  The Hotel offers 170 fabulous rooms with a modern design, including 23 connecting rooms, 5 suites and 8 meeting spaces for any kind of events. Hilton Garden Inn Tbilisi Chavchavadze offers enhanced food and beverage options, modern and contemporary designs, and the brand’s hallmark bright and airy décor, along with exceptional service. Guests of the hotel will have a variety of onsite dining options, including ANDAZI restaurant. Besides being Modern and Cozy, ANDAZI restaurant has a Georgian Soul, offering a wide selection of international dishes with Georgian Highlight. Beside that guests will be treated to numerous amenities and services, including complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the property, 24-hour business center with Print Spots™ remote printing, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and pet friendly towards animal lovers.

Q. Tell us about your progress in 2021-2022, what are the main projects that you have implemented and made your contribution in green business development?

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A. As Hilton Garden Inn Tbilisi Chavchavadze started operating in Q4, 2021, during this short period of time, we have already implemented HACCP standard, local sourced suppliers and seasonal menus. Coming next, we aim to start with quality assurance program and to review and update energy efficiency of the business.

Q. What are Hilton Georgias short and medium term plans and projects youre going to develop in terms of green business?

A. We would like to look into recycling and waste reduction. We believe it is important to the long-term success of our business to build and operate sustainable.

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