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Marking its 25th anniversary, Saga has been successfully operating on the Georgian market since 1994. Making its debut by introducing thermal industrial products, Saga later diversified into ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, fire hazard and solar systems. 

Its long history and established household name have been reflected in the figures, where a staggering 90% of customers deemed Saga to be the most trustworthy.

In order to gain more insights into its incredible success, The FINANCIAL interviewed Lela Kalandia, the Chief Executive of Saga.

Q. What would be the top priority for the company?

A. Safety and premium quality! We have established ourselves as an up-market firm, clinched deals with more than 40 worldwide brands such as Ariston; A2; Faral; Viva; Hisense; Demirdokum; Wesbo; Dab; Roster Plastic; Atlantic; Emet, and many more. This highlights the core value of the company, “The quality guarantees safety!”

Q. How would you describe the shift in consumer demand to premium goods from your experience?

A. Well, the quality of heating and ventilation systems has always been a determining factor when it comes to the comfort and safety of one’s family members. Therefore a growing number of consumers are coming to the realisation that these features are worth paying a little extra for.

Households are viewing our products as long-term investments in security and satisfaction. The minimum warranty of 5 years, with a calculated average of 10 years of outstanding performance and exceptionally positive service feedback, are the prime indicators of that.

Q. Have you picked up any consumer trend or rising demand for any specific features?

A. Efficiency in energy would probably be the most highly demanded feature. More and more people are viewing efficiency as a feature that is well worth investing extra money in.

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The second most demanded trait would be environment-friendliness. As an example, the air filtered through our ventilation systems is far cleaner compared to your average polluted city air, which is a very pressing issue, as many would agree. With a little extra investment, you are guaranteed to be breathing only the freshest of air.

Thirdly, more and more consumers are considering how ‘smart’ a product can be. Control through applications has become very popular, and Saga is concentrating a significant amount of its resources on the development of such features.

Q. Are you planning to partner up with the developers of smart houses?

A. Saga has taken steps in that direction. There are some very promising Georgian entrepreneurs, with innovative products such as climate control applications. Again, a lot of resources are drawn towards the implementation of smart products. Imagine being able to plan out and buy ventilation, conditioning and heating systems with just the click of a button, from any location. This is the future we are heading towards.

Q. How did Saga spread its operating influence over the years?

Well, we have a long history going back 25 years, first we were merely a retail business, but over time Saga diversified its products. I would say the most influential would be the contribution into large projects that involve planning out and installing our systems.

I can proudly state that we have done more than 200 large projects, while teaming up with almost every major development company within Georgia.

Q. How would you evaluate the demand in Kutaisi?

A. Our subsidiary has been operating there for more than 5 years, however with the recently renewed location, and updated environment, Saga will be operating at a scale far superior to before. I would say that Kutaisi is the third largest market for Saga following Tbilisi and Batumi. Demand there is mostly for gas heating systems.

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Perhaps if we consider the relatively larger area of typical houses there, we can understand that they find heating systems the most efficient way to warm their houses.

In any case, the trends are promising more optimistic changes on the Kutaisi market.

Q. Saga is one of the companies with a licensed service, can you elaborate on that?

A. Currently, Saga is up to ISO standards in terms of management and safe working environments. As safety stands as our number one priority, we make sure that each of our plumbers is well qualified to perform any type of service.

We are collaborating with establishments such as the Infrastructure Construction Companies Association (ICCA), the Ministry of Education, and many more in order to create a productive learning environment, so only certified workers are allowed to perform a service.

We really understand and respect the fact that even a minuscule mistake in the installation process can lead to the dysfunctional running of the entire system.

Q. What do the services involve?

A. Well, Saga has always remained extremely focused. Its desire to deliver the best possible experience in its focused line of products is a driving reason for that.

Heating, cooling, water supply and fire hazard systems installation and warranty services would be the most correct answer.

Q. How would you describe the overall feedback?

A. I am glad to answer that customer satisfaction stands exceptionally high. We are one of the leading brands both in terms of service and quality, the fact that more than 90% of consumers view Saga as one of the most trustworthy is a very proud statement to be making.

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