Samsung Partners with Eco-Friendly Shopping Mall Green Pea in Italy

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The FINANCIAL — Samsung Electronics has announced that it recently became an official partner of Green Pea, an eco-friendly shopping mall located in Italy. As an official partner, Samsung, which has been recognized for its continuous efforts to promote a sustainable future, has provided TVs and digital signage for use throughout the shopping mall.

Samsung also installed an exhibition hall at Green Pea dedicated specifically to eco-packaging – a new kind of product packaging that facilitates the upcycling of the boxes that come with the company’s lifestyle TV models. Samsung is expanding its award-winning eco-packaging designs to include all of its 2021 Lifestyle TVs, as well as most of the 2021 Neo QLED line.

Green Pea is a unique shopping mall that was built with a focus on sustainable concepts such as resource circulation and recycling. Its first location, which opened its doors in Turin last December, has garnered significant attention for its eco-friendly architecture, which features heavy use of solar panels and trees.

With the goal of reducing environmental pollution and providing consumers with sustainable products and services, Green Pea’s stores not only sell eco-friendly products, but also utilize eco-friendly products and supplies for their infrastructure.

Samsung has embarked on a sustainability journey that puts the environment at the forefront of all business operations. The company’s efforts have birthed several long-term sustainability programs that include everything from sustainable packaging design to solar cell-powered remote controls and the reduction of carbon footprints through the use of recycled materials.

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