Sanofi Reaches Patent Settlement on Lantus SoloSTAR

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The FINANCIAL — Sanofi announced on September 28 that it has reached a settlement agreement with Eli Lilly and Company, which addresses patents on Sanofi’s Lantus SoloSTAR (insulin glargine).

The agreement resolves a U.S. patent infringement lawsuit regarding Lilly’s pursuit of regulatory approval for a product that would compete with Lantus SoloSTAR.  Sanofi and Lilly agreed to end that lawsuit and to discontinue similar disputes worldwide, according to Sanofi.

Under the agreement, Lilly will pay royalties to Sanofi in exchange for a license to certain Sanofi patents.  In the U.S., Lilly will not sell its insulin glargine product before December 15, 2016. The agreement does not include Lantus (vial), Toujeo or combination products. The remaining settlement terms are confidential.

Sanofi will continue its commitment to develop and deliver innovations for the more than 387 million people globally living with diabetes.


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