SAS traffic figures – April 2015

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The FINANCIAL — Market conditions in Scandinavia have temporarily stabilized and the balance between capacity and demand has improved in comparison with 2014. SAS summer program has been well received with incoming bookings at expected levels. However, the competition remains very intensive in certain markets.

SAS traffic development in April 2015 is an outcome of more active yield management and shall also be set in relation to the strong traffic growth, record high passenger load factor and double digit decrease in the yield in April 2014, according to SAS.

PASK and yield development

In March 2015, SAS’ currency adjusted yield and PASK were up 8.1% and 13% respectively. The nominal yield and PASK were up 13.8% and 20% respectively. In April 2015 the change in the currency adjusted yield vs. last year is expected to be positive, and the currency adjusted PASK is expected to be close to unchanged.

SAS scheduled traffic development in April

The scheduled capacity was increased in April by 2.7% as capacity was moved from charter operation to scheduled services. Traffic was down 9.1%, which resulted in a decline in the load factor of 9 p.u. to 69.6%. Total number of passengers in SAS Plus increased by 6.5%.

SAS decreased its intercontinental capacity by 5.3% and the traffic was down 10.9%. SAS traffic on European/Intrascandinavian routes decreased 11% from high levels last year. Domestic traffic grew 1.2% and capacity was increased 7.2%.


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