Saudi Cargo receives first B777 aircraft

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The FINANCIAL — Saudi Airlines Cargo Company received a new Boeing 777 aircraft from the American manufacturer, bringing the company’s fleet to 13 aircraft.

Three more B777 aircraft are expected to join its fleet before the end of 2015 to expand its global operations, according to Saudi Airlines.

Boeing 777 is considered one of the best aircraft that can carry huge volumes of cargo weighing up to 112 tons. It can also fly long distances without stopping anywhere. It is also made of advanced material that enhances its economic and operational efficiency.

“Moreover, B777 is one of the best environment friendly aircraft,” said Mr. Nabil Khojah, CEO of Saudi Airlines Cargo Company (SACC).

“The modernization of the company’s fleet comes as part of its strategic plan, which aims to reach new destinations in different parts of the world,” Mr. Khojah said.

He highlighted the company’s remarkable achievements over the past years. “Air cargo is facing stiff competition at regional and international levels,” he pointed out.

Mr. Khojah said the modernization of fleet, products and programs would ensure the airline’s strong presence in all economically and commercially vibrant markets.

“We are sure that the four new B777 aircraft would strengthen the company’s fleet and ensure its strong presence in the market, expanding its business activities,” the CEO said.

Apart from 13 cargo aircraft, SACC also utilizes the huge fleet of Saudi Arabian Airlines to fill the vacant spots. “This enables our company to increase the volume of cargo carried continuously,” Mr. Khojah said while stressing its advanced cargo handling facilities at domestic and international airports.

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“We have advanced equipment to store foodstuffs and special devices to handle fragile goods, keeping with the expectations of clients,” the CEO said.

Mr. Khojah emphasized his company’s desire to make use of advanced technology and systems including the electronic cargo system, linking of authorized cargo agencies with an advanced computer system, the ERP comprehensive cargo system, express cargo service, and upgrading of its website.

“All these developments have qualified Saudi Airlines Cargo to win a number of international awards. Last month we received the Best International Airline in Africa Award because of our wide presence in the continent,” he pointed out.

SACC has recently launched a number of electronic and logistics services.


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