Schools and universities to reopen on September 15 in Georgia

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The FINANCIAL — Based on the analysis of the current epidemiological situation, the Interagency Coordination Council under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister has decided to start the learning process in schools and universities on September 15 as usual, in classrooms and auditoria. Head of the Operations Comman and Head of the Tourism Administration presented a report on the passengers arriving from the countries enjoying unconditionally, bilaterally open borders with Georgia. The council also discussed quarantine space-related opportunities and the Health Ministry’s readiness plan.

The Coordination Council’s meeting, held today at the Government Administration, emphasized that the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport is ready for all possible case scenarios, and the system of education will adjust to the epidemiological situation relevant at any given moment. On Coordination Council’s decision, libraries will resume operations in line with the recommendations issued by the Health Ministry. Relevant protocol will be approved in the next few days.

Minister Mikheil Chkhenkeli, during today’s meeting, once again summarized the recent national and master’s degree exams, as well as tests for future teachers, and emphasized that the process was held in an ideal academic and safe environment, in line with medical protocol, with the interests of applicants taken maximally into account. The entrant with a confirmed case of coronavirus was enabled to pass the exams while in a medical facility, which marked an unprecedented fact.

At the Coordination Council’s meeting, Head of the Operations Command Alexandre Khojevanishvili and Head of the Tourism Administration Mariam Kvrivishvili presented a report on the passengers arriving from the countries enjoying unconditionally, bilaterally open borders with Georgia. PCR tests were performed on visitors and foreign tourists upon request or at random. Notably, the results were negative in all cases. The council’s members welcomed this positive trend but also underlined the need to continue applying careful, reasonable approached.

Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Natia Turnava summarized the work of the platform applicable to business visitors. According to her, given the growing interests, almost 2,700 applications have been filed so far from various countries. In addition, a special platform is under development to enable foreign investors to conduct long-term remote work from Georgia. According to the Minister of Economy, various international financial organizations with a part of their staff working remotely have expressed their keen interests in this regard. Also, government continues negotiations with other airlines regarding the implementation of flights in September.

The council also discussed quarantine space-related opportunities and the Health Ministry’s readiness plan. The meeting emphasized that 15 new coronavirus cases were confirmed and 12 patients recovered within the past 24 hours. According to public health specialists, it is still necessary to observe strictly the Health Ministry’s recommendations, including facemasks and social distancing.

As of today, 1,197 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Georgia, of which 974 have recovered. 41 Georgian citizens have been transported to Georgia for treatment, and 17 people have died. Presently, 7,071 people are under quarantine and 294 under hospital supervision, according to the Press Service of the Government Administration.

Earlier this week, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development met with the CEO of Swiss train manufacturing company Stadler Rail, Peter Spuhler. Natia Turnava announced that Georgia is negotiating with Swiss Stadler Rail AG to open a metro and railway train producing plan. Read more.

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