Sharing Kindness is Important

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Social responsibility is very important for every successful, growing company, as well as for Smart Capital Group. The group implements a variety of charitable projects in this direction, some of them are well known to the public in the form of various foundations, scholarships or projects. Smart Capital Group Social Responsibility and Charity Direction founded by businessman and philanthropist Ivane Chkhartishvili with his wife, Nana Gotua, and for many years have been making significant contributions to improving and promoting the quality of life of members of society with special needs.

This year, as usual, a charity project was held at the initiative of the founders – Mrs. Nana and Mr. Vano, and now on behalf of the entire Smart Capital Group, to celebrate the glorious holiday of Easter. In particular, for the poor canteen near the Church of St. Michael, the necessary supplies of food were purchased. For more than nine years, Archpriest Alexander Galdava has headed the Canteen of the Poor and provides daily food preparation and hosting for more than two hundred and fifty beneficiaries.

The main goal of Smart Capital Group is to develop and take care of each other. Caring for employees, customers, investors, partners is an important value for the group. Sharing kindness is the main goal of the Easter charity project with the involvement and desire of the whole group. Sharing kindness is important, Christ is Risen!

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