Shurgard Self Storage Makes Debut on Euronext Brussels

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The FINANCIAL — Shurgard Self Storage SA began trading on Euronext Brussels with an initial market capitalisation of €2.04 billion.

Shurgard is one of the largest owners and operators of self-storage centers (stores) in Europe in terms of number of stores and net rentable square meters.

Shurgard commenced operations in 1995 and is one of the pioneers of the self-storage concept in Europe. In total, its network of 229 stores comprises approximately 1.2 million net rentable square meters and serves more than 150,000 customers in the Netherlands, France, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and Denmark.

With an Offer Price at €23 per share, Shurgard’s total offering size amounts to €575 million. With a total of 88,935,681 shares admitted to trading, Shurgard has an initial market capitalisation before opening of €2.04 billion.

To mark Shurgard’s first trading day, Marc Oursin, CEO, rang the bell to open the markets in Brussels.


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