Silknet and SAS – Data-Driven Transformation for Georgia

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Silknet is the first company in the region launching a partnership with the world-leading American company SAS–a trusted analytics powerhouse.

“I am excited to welcome the world-leading American company SAS to Georgia and to launch our partnership. This is a very important event for the whole country as this partnership is the first of its kind in Georgia. Essentially, it means building a digital bridge between Georgia and America. I am proud to say that SAS has chosen our company as its local partner. Silknet, Georgia’s leading telecommunications provider, together with SAS will enable companies and organizations to implement state-of-the-art data-driven processes. For Silknet this is another successful step in introducing the latest technologies to Georgia for the benefit of the whole country,” said George Ramishvili, Chairman of Silknet’s Supervisory Board. 

On 1 June, Silknet held a press conference to sign a Strategic Partnership Agreement with SAS, a world-leading US data analytics company. SAS customers include 91 companies in the top 100 most successful and high-income companies (FORTUNE 500) worldwide, including Nike, Nestle, Volvo, Levi’s, Siemens, Carrefour, Vodafone, AT&T, Turkcell and many more.

The subject of the Strategic Partnership Agreement is the introduction of modern data-driven marketing solutions in Georgia. According to the agreement, SAS will provide its customer data analytics solutions to Silknet. As an SAS partner, Silknet will implement SAS solutions, such as a campaign management system, taking its customer experience to the next level by delivering even more innovative and smoother services in the form of tailored offers based on customer needs. Apart from this, the SAS solution will provide one of the best in class customer loyalty systems, which will help Silknet to advance its customer-centric services further.

Due to the importance of the partnership, US Ambassador Kelly Degnan attended a press conference regarding the appearance of the American company on the Georgian market. She expressed her thoughts on the matter as follows:

“I’m very pleased to be here today to join in celebrating the new partnership agreement between Silknet and SAS, a leading Georgian company and one of the most important American companies in digital analytics. This partnership agreement brings together Georgia and the United States to work in an innovative new sector: the digital sector. This, as you heard, is an opportunity that we hope will lead to follow-on initiatives in this sector–data analytics and varied uses of the information that data analytics allows companies. It’s so important that it can improve the efficiency of utilities; it can help agricultural industries improve their productivity; it can improve companies’ efficiencies and abilities to work together; it can make life easier for consumers. There are so many applications of this, and I think we have seen many of them during the past year with Covid. So, we are really thrilled to see an American company and Georgian company working together in the sector that is not the future, it is of the now. The United States Embassy is always very happy to support American companies who are looking for opportunities in Georgia and we hope to see more important events, like the signing of the partnership agreement today. Thank you.”

Silknet will not only be a customer, but also a strategic partner of SAS in Georgia. As a partner of Silknet, SAS will offer its services to Silknet corporate clients – various businesses, organizations and government agencies.

Silknet is the largest convergent, fixed, and mobile network operator and multimedia content provider in Georgia, bringing connectivity to almost every family and organization throughout the country. Silknet is part of Silk Road Group, one of the leading investment groups in the region.

“We are delighted to announce that we are collaborating with Silknet, the largest telecommunications company in Georgia and the Caucasus region. Advanced analytics and SAS know-how combined with Silknet capabilities and understanding of the market, will provide an engine to accelerate digitalization in both the public and private sector. Meaningful data and knowledge are important factors for organizations to gain competitive advantage,” said Shukri Dabaghi, Regional Vice President, SAS Central Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa (CEMEA) at SAS.

In turn, SAS is a trusted analytics powerhouse for organizations seeking immediate value from their data. With SAS, companies can discover insights from data and make sense of it all, identify what’s working and fix what isn’t, make more intelligent decisions and drive relevant change. The continuous commitment of SAS to innovation and its smooth delivery of large-scale projects have supported the profitability, stability, and growth of companies for decades. With all these efforts, more than 83,000 organizations rely on SAS to help them make better decisions. 91 of the top 100 companies on the 2020 Fortune Global 500® are SAS customers.

“The needs of our customers drive Silknet, and I am happy to announce the bringing of SAS data analytics solutions that will help us to serve our customers better. Taking care of our customers is a priority for us. As you all know, our company is focused on offering high quality services to customers and the service of SAS will help us even more. As for our corporate clients, they are able to offer their customers similarly comfortable services tailored to their needs. Thus, this agreement is doubly important for us as well as for our corporate clients.

SAS is a world leader and it is especially noteworthy that it has chosen us as its only partner in the region. This is further proof that we are developing in the right way. We are a company that has merged two huge companies; achieved product convergence; recently completed the most difficult IT transformation project; and all this coinciding with the start of a partnership with SAS. We have become its regional partner and I want to say that this is the beginning of even greater future news,” said David Mamulaishvili, CEO of Silknet, in a press conference.

SAS supports a wide range of industries from finance, telecommunications to retail & CPG, manufacturing, utilities and government institutions. SAS is leading digital government initiatives in government finance, public safety and criminal justice, infrastructure and transportation, healthcare, smart cities and many more data-driven projects. This doubles the importance of the partnership between Georgia and the United States.

“As a leader in advanced analytics with more than 40 years of experience, SAS is helping its customers build competitive advantage based on transforming data into insights. SAS technology will help Silknet to provide an excellent customer journey and advance its customer-centric services. With our expertise in the analytics domain and our partnership with Silknet, we are ready to help businesses and organizations in Georgia achieve sustainable growth through data-driven digital transformation,” said Tayfun Topkoç, Managing Director, SAS Southeast Europe.

The goal of this strategic partnership is the digital transformation of the country. This is an important event for the country. Silknet together with SAS, a global provider of data analytics and artificial intelligence services, will enable Georgian business companies and organizations to implement state-of-the-art data-driven processes. This is the first such partnership in Georgia.

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