SkyTeam Introduces SkyPriority For Top Customers

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The FINANCIAL — SkyTeam, the global airline alliance announced the introduction of SkyPriority, a series of distinctively branded priority airport services offered to Elite Plus, First and Business Class customers, according to Delta Air Lines.


SkyPriority has been developed to ensure a common and consistent service standard for priority airport services across the alliance. The roll-out of the program will start in March 2012 at selected hubs. SkyPriority will gradually be implemented at 800+ stations in the course of the next few months, reaching over 1,000 airports by early 2013.

SkyPriority will align all members to a common and consistent service standard for priority airport services across the alliance. The distinctive SkyPriority branding will help customers clearly find their way and travel faster through the airport. At the same time, it will be easier for airport staff to recognize and assist eligible customers.

Founding SkyTeam member Delta Air Lines created the SkyPriority brand and rolled out the product to its customers in 2010. Due to the success of the project, SkyTeam has adopted the program, making it the first global airline alliance to consistently offer these priority services on a worldwide scale, with all current and future members participating. SkyPriority services will be distinctively branded at airports worldwide and the SkyPriority indicator will be displayed on eligible passengers' boarding passes. The brand concept will be applied to each individual airline's existing identity, enabling passengers to instantly recognize SkyPriority services at any airport.

Each member airline has its own implementation date and roll-out timeline. Some of the first airports where SkyPriority will be launched are Amsterdam, Atlanta, Guangzhou, Nairobi, Shanghai and Taipei. By early 2013, SkyPriority will be visible at over 1,000 airports. Following this initial roll-out, additional SkyPriority benefits will be introduced in the future.

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