‘Smart’ Products Available via Silknet’s TV-supermarket

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The FINANCIAL — Company Silknet together with Wissol Group’s subsidiary company Smart has implemented the innovative TV-supermarket service in Georgia.


As a result of this project customers will from now on be able to buy any Smart products via the TV-supermarket service. The Post of Georgia will provide timely delivery of the products ordered via Silk TV.

Any of Silk TV package subscribers in Tbilisi will be able to receive products ordered from the TV-supermarket for the same price as in an actual Smart supermarket branch, but without having to leave the house.

“We believe that this century will be exceptional in terms of innovations and novelties, especially in the technological sphere. Those companies which offer the newest services to their customers will be that much more competitive. Such action will reflect on a company’s future success. For that reason Wissol Group always tries to remain innovative. The TV-supermarket service is another new service that we are offering our customers in cooperation with Silknet and the Georgian Post,” said Soso Pkhakadze, Chairman of the Wissol Board of Directors.

“Without using the internet or any additional technology, Silknet subscribers will now be able to get the products they need from Smart. Ordered products will be delivered within 1-2 hours of purchase. Our TV-supermarket is one of the most comfortable services and everyone can use this service with ease. We think that this project will be a big success,” Pkhakadze said.

“Smart supermarkets support the realization of both local and imported, high quality European products. We are cooperating with many European distributors. At this stage Silk TV subscribers are able to buy about 600 different products from the TV-supermarket. We will increase the numbers of products available via the service according to the demand we see from customers,” Pkhakadze said.

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According to Levan Buchukuri, General Director of Silknet, there are several ways for Silk TV subscribers to pay for their shopping.

“The supermarket’s home delivery service operates between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. Payment can be made via Silk Wallet, with debit or credit cards and by cash. Along with other different novelties which we have implemented at the company, TV shopping will be one of the most comfortable services for our customers. We have been preparing for the project for several months together with Smart and the Georgian Post,” Buchukuri said.

“The fee for product delivery is 3 GEL. We think that the majority of Silk TV package subscribers will start using the service as a result of its accessibility and comfort. Ordering a variety of products from Smart supermarkets is now possible with just a click of one’s television remote. This will save people time and energy. Silknet’s main aim is to create maximum comfort for its subscribers. We plan to develop Express Delivery service in the nearest future as well. And we will continue offering new products and projects to our customers throughout the year,” Buchukuri said.

Kakha Baindurashvili, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the state-owned Georgian Post, says that the Post supports initiatives which are innovative and are created for the comfort of Georgian residents.

“Georgian Post welcomes the creation of one of the most useful services – the TV-supermarket. We do hope that this service will be developed further in the nearest future. This is one of the most comfortable facilities for buying products without leaving the house and spending extra money on transport. We actively cooperated with Smart and Silknet in launching the project therefore. Georgian Post will deliver all ordered products to the Silk TV subscribers living in Tbilisi’s districts.” Baindurashvili said.

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“We set a minimum price for the cost of our delivery service. Our main aim was not to make the cost of ordering products too expensive, which would make their price equal to supermarket prices. The cost of delivery should not increase. At the same time we will continue to work on offering attractive prices to our customers,” Baindurashvili said.



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