Sport in Georgia 

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Sports has always had a special place in the hearts of thousands of people all over the globe. The sheer excitement and the trepidation at cheering for all the home teams and your favorite players in what makes sports such an amazing audience favored activity. For Georgia, sport is an essential activity because the country has gone through many milestones to achieve its position as a sports hub with its own team all over the world. 

Being a part of the Soviet Union until the 1990s, Georgia is a country which did not have a home team or any other identifying sports team till late into the 1990s after the freedom from the Soviet Union. As for the location of Georgia, it lies in the middle- between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, lined on three sides by Russia in the north, Turkey in the south and Azerbaijan in the Southeast respectively. Georgia is a part of the well known Kingdom of Iberia as it was called earlier and is famous for its love and loyalty towards the world of sports. 

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The most popular traditional sporting activity in Georgia is Greco-Roman wrestling. This sport is high up on the list of the most favored sports in the country of Georgia. In the present times however, the new or modern sports such as rugby union, football, judo, basketball, weightlifting and so on are also enjoyed on a higher scale than before. Modern football, interestingly, was introduced to Georgia by English sailors who stopped by the port of Poti which is located in the Black Sea. 

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The most popular kind of sports in Georgia revolve around anything that is physically demanding and requires a lot of hands on sporting experience. A variety of wrestling is practiced in Georgia but the one that is considered the very best by all Georgians is most definitely the Kakhetian style of wrestling. In the 19th century, Georgia also had another game similar to the rugby union called Lelo Burti that was loved by lots of sports enthusiasts all over Georgia. 

After independence, as a state, Georgia first participated individually on a global platform in the Winter Olympics held at Lillehammer in Norway in 1994. Georgia had sent athletes earlier since 1952, when they had been a part of the Soviet Union as well, but this time, the medals they won were so much sweeter. It is not a great surprise that the most medal-producing sports in Georgia are none other than wrestling and judo.


Georgia has come so far from the 1952s when they had been a part of the Soviet Union to now, when they send independent athletes to all the major global sporting platforms in the world. With several wins in wrestling and judo up their sleeves, and a host of athletes all spruced up to win even bigger and better, sports in Georgia will reach far greater heights very soon. For more such stories, tune in to and enjoy!


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