Sprout by HP Capturing Interest from Commercial Customers to Educators

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The FINANCIAL — HP on May 12 announced that it will begin selling later this month Sprout by HP through its commercial channel in the U.S. With its dual touchscreen display and HP Touch Mat, instant capture capability and remote collaboration capabilities, Sprout enables enhanced creativity and collaboration for commercial and education markets.

Sprout is the world’s first immersive computer. At its core a high-performance All-In-One PC, Sprout’s revolutionary new features blend the physical and digital worlds everyone creates in, allowing users to go from thought to expression in an instant, according to IBM.

Commercial users have evaluated using Sprout for applications such customized learning for classrooms, storyboard/mood board creation, enhanced collaboration on marketing campaigns and creating an interactive retail experience. In education, dynamic content creation and collaboration are spawning new ideas for course work and remote tutoring.

“At CDW, we believe that immersive computers like Sprout will define new ways that our customer can instantly capture real-world objects and manipulate them using simple yet powerful editing tools,” said Matt Troka, Senior Vice President, Product and Partner Management, CDW.  “Offering Sprout to our SMB and corporate customers, as well as to verticals like education and healthcare, can help define the way our customers immerse themselves in a new way of how to work.”

Sprout by HP is part of the company’s vision to humanize technology and make it tangible. Grab things. Mash them up. Make them even better. Sprout gives users a new way to interact with their content. The two touch surfaces transform a user’s desk’s surface into a digital-physical workspace, giving the user a more natural, more intuitive way to work.

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“Our role as forward-thinking educators demand that we train students on real-world tools that will increase employment options and boost their day-one effectiveness,” said Svetlana Yarosh, PhD – Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota, Department of Computer Science. “Our immediate decision to evaluate Sprout gives us the chance to lead the development of how this type of immersive computing device will set the stage for a creative revolution.”


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