Supremo Becomes Most Trusted Brand of the Year in Georgia

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Georgian brand Supremo, distributed in Georgia by local company Foodservice, has become ‘Most Trusted Brand of the Year’ in winning the most influential and prestigious business award of Georgia, the Golden Brand.

Head of the Marketing Department of Foodservice Akaki Kamladze told Golden Brand that Supremo has always been oriented towards introducing innovations, novel approaches and offering customers the best quality products.

Kamladze says Supremo received the Golden Brand award not due to any specific activity, but for maintaining product quality in the market over the years, stability, and active communication with customers responding instantly to problems.

“We would like to thank each customer who chooses and trusts Supremo. It is a very gratifying fact when hard work is appreciated, which is an additional incentive to further develop the brand and care for the customer”, he said.

Supremo says it will not stop at this achievement and will continue to develop on the Georgian market.

Recently Supremo has begun offering a new category of products – spices.

“We also plan to further expand the range of our products in the near future, launch aggressive marketing that, despite the global challenge, will give us a chance to continue developing at a high pace”, he said.

Please introduce your company Foodservice and talk to us about cooperation with Supremo Brand. Since when has Supremo been distributed in Georgia?

Supremo was created and appeared on the market in 2011. Supremo was one of the first brands to develop packaged cereals on the Georgian market, which has gained the trust of consumers since its creation and still maintains this status.

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Supremo produces cereals, canned and frozen foods. Supremo is developing dynamically, which is the basis of new opportunities.

As for Foodservice, it was established in 2006 and since then has been operating on the Georgian market very successfully. The main field of activities of the company is purchase, distribution, and logistics of food products, as well as the import of food products from different countries.

With its ecologically clean, laboratory-tested and certified products, Foodservice is one of the leaders in the field of logistics and distribution in the Georgian market.

And what is the market share of Supremo in Georgia?

Supremo takes the leading position on the Georgian market in categories in which it is represented.
When creating any new product, it is planned from the very beginning to become the leader of the market in its segment.

What are the advantages of Supremo products and how does the brand compete with local as well as imported products in its market segment?

Supremo is a brand that is created for the whole family. Its advantage is that it is oriented towards customers, it has a wide assortment and high standard of quality control at any stage of production.

Also, one of the key success factors for the customers is stability; stable supply and stable distribution and it is always active in the market.

The biggest achievement of Supremo over the years is receiving customer’s trust and flexibility towards solving problems. Any claim, even from a single customer, is sufficient for the Supremo team. We study the problem in-depth and respond in a timely manner, as the opinion of each customer is important to us.

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How many different Supremo products are available in the Georgian market and are you going to introduce some new products in the near future?

As of today, about 80 types of products of Supremo brand are available in Georgia and each of them takes a leading position in its category.
Sales of Supremo products increased by 25 per cent in 2019 compared to 2018. We plan to improve this result.

Last year we have managed to increase the number of Supremo products at several networks of supermarkets. Also last year, new products were added to the assortment of Supremo such as chopped tomato, green and red adjika (a hot, spicy, but subtly flavored dip), sugar, rice and iodized salt.

This year we already added spices to the market. In this segment, the competition is very high but we do our best to be among the leaders of the market.

We are also working to expand the range of products to offer customers even more diverse products.

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