SZSE’s Innovative Capital Formation Ecosystem Continues to Extend

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The FINANCIAL — From October 22 to 23, 2018, SZSE respectively held the V-Next platform cross-border investing and financing matchmaking events in Jerusalem, Israel, and Geneva, Switzerland.

President & CEO Wang Jianjun of SZSE and representatives from the National Innovation Bureau of Israel, investment institutions and SMEs of Israel and Switzerland participated in the relevant activities. At the events, nine Israeli technical innovation companies and six Swiss SMEs conducted cross-border roadshows to Chinese investors through the V-Next platform.

Mr. Wang said that as China’s reform and opening up continues to deepen, Chinese companies continue to “go out to the world” and put forward new and higher requirements for cross-border financial services. As the core institution of the capital market, SZSE plays an important role in the formation of innovative capital and cross-border capital ties. The V-Next platform is a cross-border extension of SZSE’s innovative capital formation ecosystem and has gathered more than 6,500 technical ventures and more than 4900 investment institutions in China.

It uses new technologies to provide accurate matchmaking solutions for both parties of investing and financing to achieve precision push and rapid matching. Combined with its market construction experience, SZSE will continue to standardize the operating mechanism of the V-Next platform, enhance technical capabilities and strengthen risk prevention. It will continue to provide full life-cycle, all-around financing and cultivation services for innovative venture enterprises so as to build an international brand for cross-border investing and financing matchmaking services.

Since the beginning of this year, SZSE has held a number of cross-border roadshows in countries such as Russia, Poland, and Portugal. The V-Next platform’s international “friends circle” has been steadily expanding. At present, it has been launched in more than 30 countries including Germany, Britain, France, Canada, Australia, Italy, Norway, Finland, Denmark, South Korea, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, laying a solid foundation for establishing a global cross-border investing and financing platform network.

SZSE resolutely follows the guide of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and actively responds to the “Belt and Road Initiative”. Besides, it implements the relevant requirements for the opening up of capital market in multiple channels and continuously enhances the ability to serve the real economy, especially innovation and entrepreneurship, so as to strive to build a world-leading innovation capital formation center.


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