SZSE Signs an Agreement on Comprehensively Deepen Cooperation with CEC

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The FINANCIAL — Shenzhen Stock Exchange signed an agreement on comprehensively deepen cooperation with China Electronics Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “CEC”) on June 12, which is conducive to giving full play to the advantages of resources, professionalism and mechanisms of both sides and strengthening the connection bridging the information-technology industry and the capital markets.

SZSE has always been committed to the construction of multi-tier capital markets and striving to guide the financial living water to the entity economy. It has fostered and supported a large number of scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprises and leading enterprises in the information industry in recent years. Currently, the ChiNext board has become a gathering platform for the information-technology industry, with 17.16% information-technology companies listed on, only second to the manufacturing industry. As the country’s largest state-owned comprehensive IT group, CEC’s businesses are in high consistence with the “emerging industries, innovative enterprises” features of SZSE. SZSE will take the cooperation opportunity to help CEC to raise its assets securitization level, collaborate and cultivate a group of high quality companies of Internet and information security, and boost the group company to be stronger, according to Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

As the national team in the electronic information industry, CEC has actively leveraged the capital markets to promote internal restructuring and integration in recent years, and has made great progress in the aspects of transition and upgrading, structural adjustment, and quality and efficiency improvement. The agreement, signed against the background of deepening SOE reform and the strategic deployment of “Made in China 2025”, is beneficial to deepen CEC’s involvement in the capital markets, implement the country’s new strategic demands on the information technology industry, and boost the transition and upgrading and the construction of a new system of scientific development within itself.

As per the agreement, both parties will carry out multi-level and multi-field cooperation in the aspects of listing cultivation for Internet and information security enterprises, mixed ownership reform, M&A and refinancing, bond financing and assets securitization, information industrial research and Internet financial innovation projects. The two sides will establish regular communication and contact mechanism, strengthening information sharing and personnel exchanges.


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