T-Mobile Lights Up Greater Miami Area With Extended Range LTE

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The FINANCIAL — The Un-carrier on September 17 confirmed its Extended Range LTE, or 700 MHz low band spectrum, which now carries T-Mobile’s LTE signals both farther and deeper indoors, is now live throughout Miami.

With a rapid deployment of a nationwide LTE footprint that reaches over 290 million Americans, “Magic City” is now lit up with T-Mobile’s best in-building coverage offering, according to T-Mobile.

Extended Range LTE Coverage

T-Mobile has been rolling out truckloads of new spectrum that carries the LTE signal twice as far from towers, for a massive coverage expansion – plus it works four times better in buildings.

In nine months, T-Mobile has aggressively rolled out airwaves known as 700 MHz in 170 major metro areas including cities such as Minneapolis, Denver and Washington D.C., so you can use your compatible phone to get great 700 MHz coverage while visiting friends and family in those cities.

 Extended Range LTE also enhances coverage in other areas already served by our strong 4G LTE network, so LTE customers there can experience better coverage in suburban and rural areas because the signal reaches further and penetrates deeper.

So whether you are enjoying a night out in South Beach or have an important business meeting downtown — your coverage doesn’t have to be sacrificed.


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