T‑Mobile Turns Red Rose Transit Buses into Free Wi‑Fi Hubs for Lancaster, PA Riders

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The FINANCIAL — Free mobile Wi-Fi service from T-Mobile is now available on Red Rose Transit buses in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Delivering free mobile Wi-Fi- access on city buses makes Lancaster a more connected city, improving the commuter experience for thousands of riders and it will help make Lancaster a more connected city

T-Mobile and Red Rose Transit Authority (RRTA) have just leveled-up your ride with a much-requested amenity: free mobile Wi-Fi. RRTA’s entire fleet of buses, serving the city of Lancaster and Lancaster County, are now equipped with Wi-Fi hotspots, powered by T-Mobile’s 4G LTE and 5G network. With the complimentary service, riders can do ALL the things … video chat, stream your favorite show, become the next TikTok viral sensation, make inroads on that work project or finish up schoolwork, while on the go.

“We feel this will be a great addition to our services and a real benefit for our riders. It will certainly make riding the bus even more convenient and productive,” said David Kilmer, Executive Director for RRTA.

“You’ve been asking for it, and we heard you, Lancaster — whether you’re traveling from Elizabethtown or New Holland, you’ll have access to the internet along your bus route, so you can stay connected and enjoy the ride,” said John Stevens, Vice President of Small Town Rural and Emerging Markets at T-Mobile. “Connected public transportation is another step towards making the city of Lancaster an even smarter city. We’re excited to partner with RRTA on this journey!”

“I am pleased that this new partnership between RRTA and T-Mobile will benefit the lives of Lancaster County residents by making their daily commutes more productive and enjoyable,” said Senator Ryan Aument (R-36). “I also appreciate RRTA’s willingness to be responsive to those they serve by hearing requests to add Wi-Fi to buses and acting swiftly to accommodate those requests.”

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