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Blockchain and AI – The Future of Data Processing

4 mins read

We are already living in a world with many AI-enabled uses. Artificial Intelligence is anticipated to disrupt industries as a whole. We have cars designed completely by AI, many factories are completely autonomous because of them, and there’s much more to come. However, the development and uses of AI are limited because of the applications and lack of open source projects. One of the biggest hurdles in developing an AI comes from the data collected and used to train these systems.   “Data is the most powerful currency of today’s world. Many big corporations and governments are known to collect…

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Cost Optimization, Customer Experience, and Revenue Growth are Top Focus Areas for AI Initiatives

5 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- Gartner Survey Reveals 66% of Organizations Increased or Did Not Change AI Investments Since the Onset of COVID-19. A Gartner, Inc. poll of roughly 200 business and IT professionals on September 24, 2020 revealed that 24% of respondents’ organizations increased their artificial intelligence (AI) investments and 42% kept them unchanged since the onset…