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ME? Cancer! Now What?

2 mins read

You’ve just left the doctor’s office and you’ve heard the dreaded diagnosis, “You have cancer.” Once you receive that diagnosis, then what?…

Book announcement: Very British Weather

3 mins read

Did you know the first daily weather forecast was published in Britain in 1861? Or that we’re more likely to see a white Easter than a ‘White Christmas’ in the UK? And that the world’s average temperature has risen by around 1°C since the Industrial Revolution? These are just a few nuggets of weather and climate…

To Live or Maybe Not Takes Readers On Adventurous Ride With Musician Gary Revel

2 mins read

Houston, TX, May 28, 2020 — Musician and historian Gary Revel fully expects readers to say, "No way this could be true," as they peruse the pages of his colorful memoir, To Live or Maybe Not.…

About a fascinating history of Russo-Georgian relations

6 mins read

This is the fascinating history of Russo-Georgian relations between 1801, the year of the annexation of Georgia by Tsarist Russia, until after the First World War. It is a subject that may have been of interest to historical scholars until the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the meantime, the Caucasus, as a regional source…