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How Did Lockdown Affect People’s Sex Lives in Britain?

6 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Lockdown affected people’s sex lives in a variety of different ways with young people and those not living with a partner reporting the greatest changes, according to researchers from UCL, the University of Glasgow and the National Centre for Social Research.…

Uber won 18-month license to continue operating in London

7 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Uber won an appeal to continue operating in London on Monday when the judge restored its transportation license. Judge Tan Ikram said that he had “sufficient confidence” Uber “no longer poses a risk to public safety.” A ban would have been a huge hit for the company as its revenue declined 29% in Q2. In November…

JPMorgan is moving $234 bn of assets from the UK to Germany as a result of Brexit

6 mins read

The FINANCIAL — JP Morgan Chase & Co is reportedly set to move $234bn (£184bn) assets from the United Kingdom to Germany as a result of Britain’s exit from the European Union. While the type of assets being moved was not specified, similar transferals usually include cash and financial securities like stocks and bonds. The…

Brexit violating international treaty will affect US-UK trade deal

7 mins read

The FINANCIAL — The UK has published a bill to rewrite parts of the withdrawal agreement signed in January 2020. The EU stated that this had seriously damaged trust and it would not be shy of taking legal action against the UK, but cabinet minister Michael Gove said that the UK had made it perfectly clear…

UK employment rates hit a new record

5 mins read

The FINANCIAL — The number of people in work in the UK increased by 180,000 to 32.93 million in the quarter, as the number of people deemed economically inactive also shrank. Women were the main driver of the rise in employment. Weekly pay hit a new record high in December as Britain’s jobs boom continued,…