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Can movies change the world?

7 mins read

Despite rise of feminism, romance films continue to stereotype women’s roles. You know the movies. The holiday-themed ones that play nearly 24/7 after Halloween.…

No doubt about climate change:Oxford Climate Scientists

6 mins read

British Reporter — Leading Oxford climate scientists today insisted there can be no doubt that human-driven climate change is a fact and urgent action is needed, as the IPCC’s report is released showing emissions are driving up temperatures.…

Airbnb: 40% drop in bookings and loss of $276.4 million

4 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Airbnb Inc’s bookings in major cities across the world have plunged. People are deciding to cancel travel plans because of the coronavirus outbreak. Also, there is an increasing number of travel restrictions being put in place around the world. Some online travel companies have already issued warnings. Expedia, which runs sites such…

Airbnb proposes flexible reservation policies over coronavirus

5 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Since the World Health Organization declared a global health emergency for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Airbnb has been closely monitoring official news and guidance in order to support community of hosts, guests, and employees around the world. The new program is called “More Flexible Reservations,” and it has been designed to ”…