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Rich countries must end oil and gas production by 2034 for a fair 1.5°C transition

4 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Rich countries must end oil and gas production by 2034 to keep the world on track for 1.5°C and give poorer nations longer to replace their income from fossil fuel production, finds a new report from a leading climate scientist at The University of Manchester released.…

90% of countries have published vaccine plans: Oxford Covid policy tracker

1 min read

The FINANCIAL — More than nine in ten countries, studied as part of the Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker (167 out of 187), have published an official vaccination plan, with the top three priority categories internationally being older people, frontline healthcare workers, and the clinically vulnerable. Other categories widely prioritised are educators, military, border security…

From Sewers to Golf Courses, Cities See Green With New Federal Covid Relief Dollars

4 mins read

Duluth, Minnesota, is hiring a social worker to help people with addiction and mental health problems. Pueblo, Colorado, started paying homeless residents to clean city streets.Palm Beach Gardens, Florida — in Palm Beach County, home to 160 golf courses — is building a new golf course.…