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A surprising twist on Darwin’s theory of evolution

5 mins read

A simple roadside weed may hold the key to understanding and predicting DNA mutation, according to new research from University of California, Davis, and the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology in Germany.…

Researchers uncover gene that doubles risk of death from COVID-19

5 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Scientists at Oxford University have identified the gene responsible for doubling the risk of respiratory failure from COVID-19. Sixty percent of people with South Asian ancestry carry the high-risk genetic signal, partly explaining the excess deaths seen in some UK communities, and the impact of COVID-19 in the Indian subcontinent.…

Ancient DNA hints at diverse Stone Age traditions of kinship

7 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- Genomes from University of Liverpool excavations of burials around some of the earliest houses in history contributed to a major study by an international team of geneticists, anthropologists and archaeologists, revealing more about the remarkable diversity of kinship types in ancient human societies.…

Science shows that you still need to wear a mask and the vaccines won’t alter your DNA

3 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- With the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announcing emergency use authorization for the Johnson & Johnson single-dose COVID-19 vaccine, UCLA Health experts are continuing to share medically sound, evidence-based information about the safety and effectiveness of all of the vaccines.…

DNA-editing method shows promise to treat mouse model of progeria

7 mins read

Researchers have successfully used a DNA-editing technique to extend the lifespan of mice with the genetic variation associated with progeria, a rare genetic disease that causes extreme premature aging in children and can significantly shorten their life expectancy. The study was published in the journal Nature, and was a collaboration between the National Human Genome…

Using CRISPR, new technique makes it easy to map genetic networks

11 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- CRISPR-Cas9 makes it easy to knock out or tweak a single gene to determine its effect on an organism or cell, or even another gene. But what if you could perform several thousand experiments at once, using CRISPR to tweak every gene in the genome individually and quickly see the impact of each? A…