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Battery Breakthrough for Electric Cars

2 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- Long-lasting, quick-charging batteries are essential to the expansion of the electric vehicle market, but today’s lithium-ion batteries fall short of what’s needed — they’re too heavy, too expensive and take too long to charge.…

Nissan marks 10 years of LEAF sales

1 min read

The FINANCIAL -- Nissan celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Nissan LEAF electric car and the delivery of 500,000 LEAF vehicles since the model was first introduced. According to Nissan, more than 500,000 customers have switched to the EV, helping electrify the world. …

General Motors and Nikola announced a strategic partnership

3 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Nikola Corporation and General Motors announced a strategic partnership that begins with the Nikola Badger and carries cost reductions through Nikola’s program. As part of the agreement, Nikola will utilize General Motors’ Ultium battery system and Hydrotec fuel cell technology, representing a key commercialization milestone for General Motors. Nikola will exchange $2 billion…

Half of electric bicycles in EU are imported from Taiwan

1 min read

The FINANCIAL -- In 2019, EU Member States exported almost 1 million bicycles and other cycles, worth a total of €368 million, to countries outside of the EU. This represents a 24% increase in numbers compared with 2012.…