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Exercise linked to better mental health

2 mins read

Kaiser Permanente 2020 study shows that people who were the most active and spent time outdoors during the pandemic reported less anxiety and depression.…

Choose Personal Exercise Goals, Then Tackle Them Immediately

1 min read

When people set their own exercise goals—and then pursue them immediately—it’s more likely to result in lasting positive changes, according to a new study at the Perelman School of Medicine. The results of this research are especially important because they are found among an underserved population that is at particularly high risk of having or…

6 Vitamins and Supplements Every Man Should be Taking

5 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- According to Solgar most men know about the general rules for healthy living: eat healthy, exercise, get lots of sleep and water, etc. But when you go a step further and look at health on a micronutrient level, it can be overwhelming. Which vitamins and nutrients are the most important for men?…

Fifth Noble Partner exercise will be held in Georgia

1 min read

The FINANCIAL — Noble Partner is a cooperatively-led multinational training exercise in its fifth iteration. It is aimed to enhance Georgian, U.S. and partner forces readiness and interoperability and to also contribute in maintaining stable, secure environment over the Black Sea region. U.S. and Georgia-led fifth Noble Partner international military exercise will be held south-east of…