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To mask or not to mask without mandates

2 mins read

A federal judge struck down the government’s transportation mask mandate on Monday, making face coverings optional for passengers and employees. Four major airlines immediately revoked mask mandates. Pilots and suddenly maskless airline attendants announced the news to passengers, in some cases mid-flight.…

Testing the effectiveness of KN95 and surgical mask ‘fit hacks’

3 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Researchers have tested a variety of popular hacks for improving the fit of KN95 and surgical masks, and found that while some hacks do improve fit, they can also come at the cost of the wearer’s comfort according to University of Cambridge.…

Human Facial Expressions Communicate Complex Emotion Information

1 min read

The FINANCIAL — There are more than 7bn people on the planet, and each of them has their own unique face. The sum of a person’s eyes, nose, cheeks and mouth all individual to them. And now, new research shows that the emotion information transmitted by facial expressions appears to be just as diverse, rich,…

Why face masks remain crucial to the fight against COVID-19

6 mins read

Wearing a face mask in public has gone from eyebrow-raising to commonplace in Canada in the span of just 18 months – and, despite the wide availability of vaccines, remains a key tool in the fight against COVID-19.…

How to Choose the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

3 mins read

Not everyone is a fan of glasses. A lot of people decide to avoid them completely because of the way they look. Even worse, some people do not go to get their eyes tested even if they know they have issues simply because they don’t want to wear them.…